The Lone Oak Center Training Classroom

The CPCUG classroom at the Lone Oak Center (LOC), 1010 Grandin Avenue, Rockville, MD. has 12 modern Pentium computers on an Windows NT network, overhead projector attached to an instructor PC, and additional equipment to aid the training process. Most of the classes are "hands-on" classes with each student having their own PC to follow along with the instruction.

Here is a simple map you can print off as a reference. Note that the Rockville Metro Stop is at the corner of Hungerford Drive (MD route 355) and Jefferson Drive (MD Route 28). It is a short walk to the Lone Oak Center. The YAHOO! Map service lets you change the scale and request personalized driving directions. (If you get driving directions, remember to review them carefully to verify that they "make sense"! Computer-generated directions sometimes go astray.)

Directions to the Lone Oak Center from the Washington Beltway

Classroom entrance

The classroom is entered on the Grandin Ave. side of the building through the door closest to Woodburn Rd. Look for the CPCUG banner in the window. If you enter at another entrance, look for direction signs to the CPCUG Training Room.


12 modern Pentium computers on an Windows NT network

Overhead projector attached to an instructor PC