Mercedes Benz Convertible Car Top

What if it starts to rain and no one is around to help, and no hoist is available?

How to put the top back on by your self

Check List:
Put all windows in the down position.
Leave the driver side door in the open position.
Turn the handle so the latch is open for the peg for the hard top
Test the hole by putting in your finger to be sure the latch is open.
Lean the driver's seat forward so you have room to enter

1. Go to the top, and grab the front edge of the roof behind you
and pull it up from the cushion or pillow.

2. Back your self in and under the roof, taking the handles in your hands.
Lift from the knees, to avoid strain on your back.

3. Carry the roof, walking like a duck,
around the back towards the driver's side door

4. Move the roof higher up on your shoulders.
Carefully step in to the car from the driver's side.

5. Carefully step in to area behind the seats
and slowly lower the peg on the back side in to the hole

6. Now you can drive in the rain
or to take your wife to her art show

More Details About Putting the Top On

Taking the top off

Rick & Oksana Shaddock
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Warning: This information is provided as a public service.
It is always best to have someone to help you just in case.
Do not attempt this if you have any back problems or are under medical supervision.
We are not liable if you hurt yourself or your car doing this.