How to Combine Maximizer Databases

1. Set up a new, blank Maximizer database   



        For example, the "master" database could be named Athlon

2. Open one of the files you want to combine in to the master database

3. Mark one of the fields with the name of the database so you can identify later where this record came from


        Global Edit...

Enter the name, for example AdTarget in the Division field
assuming the Division field is not used for anything else.

3. Then  move the records in to the "master" database

    First select all the records, with


        Select All

    This is very important, otherwise only one record will get transferred.  You want all of them.




            Address Book Entries...


Select the destination, or "master" database, for example Athlon

Respond OK to the warning

Continue on to the next database to combine in to the "master"

If you accidentally transfer the same database twice, don't worry, it will Bypass the Duplicates