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This is an agreement between __________________________________ (herein "Independent Contractor") and Computer Instructors Corporation (herein "C I Corporation").

The Independent Contractor will provide consulting services on a subcontracting basis for C I Corporation. The Independent Contractor, as a self-employed subcontractor, is responsible for his/her own federal taxes, state taxes, local taxes, health, accident, and liability insurance, and agrees to do so. Independent Contractor will be receiving a 1099 Tax Form and is not a full time employee of C I Corporation.

The Independent Contractor has other clients and bills by the hour, project, or day. The Independent Contractor is incorporated or is a sole proprietor. The Independent Contract has the exclusive right to accept or reject assignments based on personal desire, conflicts, location of work, etc. The Independent Contractor receives no medical, pension or other fringe benefits other than the agreed daily rate, plus travel and per diem expenses if traveling out of town for Computer Instructors Corporation.

The Independent Contractor will invoice Computer Instructors Corporation at an hourly or daily rate, or for an agreed fixed price, depending on the contract. The services performed by the Independent Contractor and the term of the contact will include: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Payment for such services will be at the rate of ___________ for one year from the date of this agreement. For payment, the Independent Contractor must submit an invoice including: Social Security Number or Tax ID #: _________________, date, in/out times, client, description of work done, and percent of the assignment complete.

Computer Instructors Corporation must pay the Independent Contractor within 15 days of receipt of the invoice to C I Corporation from the Independent Contractor. It is in the Contractor's interest to bill C I Corporation promptly upon completion of an assignment. This enables C I Corporation to bill the client and get paid by the client promptly. This facilitates timely or earlier payment to the Independent Contractor by C I Corporation.

Professional Standards

Computer Instructors Corporation insists on high standards of performance in order to bring about additional business. The Independent Contractor is applying for consulting work and must inform C I Corporation if there is any doubt regarding his or her ability to accomplish C I Corporation's projects or make appointments on time.



Representation Standards

Substantial time, effort, overhead, and advertising has been spent by C I Corporation to accumulate clients for C I Corporation with the expectation of compensation and profit.

The Independent Contractor expressly agrees to do all work assigned by C I Corporation under the "C I Corporation" name. The independent contractor's name may appear on materials and programs along with the name and telephone numbers of Computer Instructors Corporation, but no other names, organizations, telephone numbers, email addresses, or any other means of contact shall be provided to the client. C I Corporation reserves the right to act as liaison for all communications between the independent contractor and the client. Violation of this agreement shall result in forfeiture of all monies owed and possible legal damages.

The Independent Contractor shall not discuss working directly for any of C I Corporation's clients for a period of one year from the last date of work performed for that client through C I Corporation. C I Corporation reserves the right to future business with its clients, and all discussion of future work, as well as any referrals from any client of C I Corporation is to be directed to C I Corporation's mail office.

The independent Consultant is in fact independent, and free to seek other clients and to contract organizations found solely through the efforts of the Independent Contractor. The independent contractor may use the experience and knowledge gained through C I Corporation for professional development, but may not use the unique procedures and materials of C I Corporation. The independent Contractor must develop or purchase unique materials and procedures for the independent contractor's clients.

Software and other materials provided to the independent contractor by C I Corporation must be immediately returned in good condition upon request to Computer Instructors Corporation. All clients, contacts, policy, materials, techniques, databases, materials, techniques of C I Corporation are to be kept strictly confidential.

If any sections of this Agreement are found non-applicable, the other sections stand as agreed. This agreement may be dissolved only by mutual consent. I have read this agreement. I understand this agreement completely and agree to abide by it in full.


Rick Shaddock
Computer Instructors Corporation
Independent Contractor

Date of Signing