Golden Dome in Iowa

Iowa - DC

1000 miles

Capitol Dome in DC

Living the Best of Both Worlds
The Inner is the basis of the Outer

Vedic City, Fairfield, Iowa
best for inner, spiritual life along with activity

Harbour Square, Washington, DC
best for outer, material life

Fairfield Iowa homes
806 N 4th and
next to Maharishi University of Management

Washington DC home
Luxury Cooperative
Home of Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices

Fairfield Iowa PrimusTel client office
1998 Mercedes Benz 190E

Arlington, Virginia office
2001 Mercedes Benz 230C

Capital of the U.S. Peace Government
repeatedly declaring world peace

Capitol of the U.S.Government
repeatedly declaring wars

Golden Dome in Fairfield, Iowa

DC Peace Palace in Bethesda, Maryland

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Group meditation at the Golden Dome
with up to 1000 meditators

Group meditation room at the
Bethesda Peace Palace

Meditating with large groups  in the Dome
experiencing the silence of the vacuum state*

Or meditating alone at home and
experiencing the sound of the vacuum

* Vacuum state - from Quantum Field Theory.

Green Acres Iowa is the Place

Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge - Short Drive

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Primus Telecommunications

Maharishi School - A Record of Excellence

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