Real Estate

806 N 4 St
Fairfield Iowa 4 bedroom house
Rented for positive cash flow

BitCoin, LiteCoin, BitRaam and digital currency
Washington DC Luxury Condo
Rented for positive cash flow

1004 West Briggs
Fairfield, Iowa  52556
Sold for profit

University Manor

Fairfield, Iowa, Sthapatya-Vedic Condo
Selling on contract

Tiber Island Owners Cooperative
Washington DC Luxury Condo
Sold for profit

Nedre Furuskogsvägen 2
Partille, Sweden
Apartment near Gothensburg

Green Acres Trailer Park
1000 North 8th Street  Fairfield, Iowa 52556
Rented out for positive cash flow

Thanks to Ed Beckley
and his Real Estate Course

Real Estate Mentor

10 BitCoins purchased for about $1 in February 2011 are now worth over $10000 each for $100000

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