Silver and Gold Buying Club
Preservation of Wealth in the best way for thousands of years

Weekly Meeting near Waterfront Metro, Sunday  from 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Gold prices for Club Members: 4% over the current Spot Price which is the price that the top 10 major wholesalers pay the U.S. Mint. 
Our Buying Club can buy in large quantities providing negotiation power for groups discounts, passed on to you.
Being a member of the Buying Club also means you can Sell easily, any time you need to cash in, making it a liquid investment.

 Join the Club
Founder Justin Davis

Partial Membership, as a retail Buyer or Seller, is FREE
Full Membership, as a wholesale Dealer is  $245 per year (average $20.42 per month)
to buy all the silver and gold you would like at wholesale prices