Bates_no  Inserts Bates numbers into filenames of e-documents to easily identify them. (Linux also available)
Brandit (16 bit only) Brands hard drive with personal ownership information. Reader portion reads ownership info. in about 10 seconds(download it for free).
Crckit Calculates a 32 bit checksum (CRC) of a file.
Declasfy (16 bit only) Wipes hard drive to DOD standards. This wipe program really works.
Dirv  Filters the output of the DIR /S command & converts it to a fixed length record.
Diskcat Catalogs (lists) every file on a disk. Identifies headers also. (Linux also avail.; is named Catalog).
Diskimag Creates an exact image (copy) of a diskette. (Images MAC and Linux also) Excellent for use with disk duplicators because it allows unattended imaging of as many diskettes as your duplicator's capacity.
Disk_crc (16 bit Only) Calculates 32 bit CRC, MD5 or SHA of physical disk.
Hash Performs MD5, CRC, or SHA hash of every file on a drive. (Linux also avail.)
Hashcmp Compares outputs of successive hash runs. (32 bit ONLY) (Linux also avail.)
Hash_dup Finds duplicate hashes in file created with Maresware's Hash.(32 bit ONLY)
Hexdump Display the contents of a file in hexadecimal and ASCII format.
Hexedit Performs a crude edit of a file in hexadecimal or ASCII format.
Hex_sect Edits large drives using a sector editor in Hex mode.
Ispgp Scans drive and identifies files that might be associated with PGP encryption.
Md5 Calculates CRC, MD5, SHA1&2 of a file. Similar to md5sum on Linux platforms. (Linux also avail.)
Mdir Produces a directory listing that displays more file attributes than most do. Can be programmed to specify the output you want displayed. 32-bit version shows NTFS Alternate Data Streams and Encrypted File System files.
Mod_com Modifies system files to make boot disk forensically sound. (Free)
Ntwipe Wipes/overwrites "physical" drives attached to NTFS operating systems. Works WITHIN the OS.
Rm/Rmd Wipes file, slack, and free space completely. Operates like *ix RM.
Ss Searches physical disk for strings.
Strsrch Searches files for strings. (Linux also avail.)
Systems Detects which operating systems are on a hard drive. (Free)
Truetime Allows user to capture correct date and time and place them on an evidence disk. (Free)
U_to_A Converts *ix text to DOS text.(Linux also avail.)
Upcopy Copies files from a source to a destination location while maintaining the complete tree structure.