Basic WinZip Technique

Note: This is not the ideal technique, but it is free.  Better to use EnCase

Computers store the dates and times when last modified.

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How to save the files with their dates and times intact

WinZip is a handy compression program, which can also be used to save the data, including the date and time stamps.

Select Start  wpe2D.jpg (1150 bytes)

Find or Search

Files or Folders

Name & Location
select the drive, usually C:

between <date> and <date>

Find Now

Wait for the list to appear

Select All

To WinZip
Right Click

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WinZip - if installed

(if not use PKZIP from A: drive so as not to change disk)

Add to Zip

A:JOE-PC-C.Zip (or whatever the name is)

It may prompt you for several diskettes

Save the diskettes as evidence


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