Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle

56 stories and 4 novels
60 in all read by Rick Shaddock

Alphabetized by first major word * A = A ... T = The ...    @ = Adventure of the  ...

  Year BkVd * Cases name Time of cases Places of cases Summary
1887 SIS v A Study in Scarlet March, 1881 London Man found dead with Rache on wall, cab driver did it
1933 Movie: People in group die, to leave 1 with inheritance
1890 SOF T Sign of the Four September, 1887 London brothers India treasure in ceiling
1892 A S H A Scandal in Bohemia March, 1888 London drug, King, Irene Adler, photo, priest
1892 A S H @ Red-Headed League October, 1890 London red hair club, tunnel to bank
1892 A S H A Case of Identity 1888 London lady's fiancee disappeared, step father
1892 A S H T

Boscombe Valley Mystery

1889 Herefordshire (near Ross-on-Wye) McCarthy killed by pond with rock by old guy, not son
1892 A S H h T Five Orange Pips September, 1887 London Uncle Elias gets 5 seeds from KKK, John inherits but is killed
1892 A S H T Man with the Twisted Lip 1889 London Man dresses as a beggar to make more money/ disappeared
1892 A S H @ Blue Carbuncle December, 1890 London lady lost jewel, assistants frame worker, puts in goose
1892 A S H @ Speckled Band 1883 Leatherhead, Surrey step father puts snake on step daughters
1892 A S H @ Engineer's Thumb 1889 Berkshire (near Reading) Forger cuts off thumb in window.   Shoeless in movie
1892 A S H @ Noble Bachelor 1887 London Guy killed his 1st wife, imprisoned 2nd, goes for 3rd
1892 A S H @ Beryl Coronet 1886 (approx.) London Banker lost collateral coronet, bf of daughter took it
1892 A S H @ Copper Beeches 1890 (approx.) Winchester, Hampshire governess, daughter locked in a castle
1894 M K H   Silver Blaze 1888 Dartmoor, Devon horse stolen by keeper to maim got kicked, neighbor kept
1894 M K H @ Cardboard Box 1888 London Sailor husb sees girl with other guy, kills, cuts ears, frozen
1894 M S H @ Yellow Face 1888 London Wife hides black daughter next door from husb.
1894 M K H @ Stockbroker's Clerk 1889 (approx.) Birmingham, West Midlands Clerk joins another firm run by 2 con bros, 1 died
1894 M S H @ Gloria Scott 1875 Langmere, Norfolk 2 escaped convicts from ship, Hudson finds them blackmails
1894 M S H @ Musgrave Ritual 1879 (approx.) West Sussex treasure map, butler found, maid closed hatch
1894 M S H @ Reigate Squire(s) / Puzzle 1887 Reigate, Surrey Holmes on vacation, note in dying man's hand
1894 M S H @ Crooked Man 1888 Aldershot, Hampshire guy captured in India returns to find fiancee
1894 M S H @ Resident Patient October, 1881 London Man who was a robbery snitch hires a doctor to live with. Gets hung
1894 M S H @ Greek Interpreter 1888 (approx.) London Interpreter brought to kidnapped man, Mycroft, train
1894 M S H @ Naval Treaty July, 1889 London guy lost paper, guy swiped it
1894 M S H T Final Problem 1891 Reichenbach Falls, near Meiringen in Switzerland * over the falls with Prof. Moriority
1902 H O B T Hound of the Baskervilles 1889 Dartmoor, Devon guy wants inheritance, puts dog on people
1905 R S H @ Empty House 1894 London Holmes supposedly died with Moriority, Moran shoots statue
1905 R S H r @ Norwood Builder 1894 London guy hides in attic, fakes death
1905 R S H @ Dancing Men 1898 Norfolk (near East Ruston) stalker from Chicago makes cipher to lady
1905 R S H @ Solitary Cyclist 1895 Farnham, Surrey lady stalked by guy
1905 R S H @ Priory School 1903 South Yorkshire (near Sheffield) duke's assistant was illegitimate son jealous of real son
1905 R S H @ Black Peter 1895 Forest Row, East Sussex Capt killed with harpoon by large sailor
1905 R S H @ Charles Augustus Milverton 1899 London  (Master Blackmailer) Blackmailer gets killed by a lady as SH & JW hide
1905 R S H @ Six Napoleons 1899 London busts hiding jewel
1905 R S H @ Three Students 1895 Camford Student copied professor's exam (also cartoon)
1905 R S H @ Golden Pince-Nez 1894 Chatham, Kent Gold glasses, asst murder
1905 R S H @ Missing Three-Quarter 1896 (approx.) Cambridge, Cambridgeshire football guy missing, wife hiding
1905 R S H @ Abbey Grange 1897 London ship officer in love with lady kills her husband in self defense
1905 R S H @ Second Stain July, 1888 London Important government letter lost, wife took it
1915 V O F T Valley of Fear 1886 Sussex Book code, Pinkerton agent from US moves to UK, kills killer


@ Wisteria Lodge 1892 or 1894(approx.) Esher, Surrey Latin Am dictator in UK kills man, imprisons wife
1917 H L B @ Red Circle 1902 (approx.) London Landlady worried about tenant, lady hiding, bf kills stalker
1917 H L B @ Bruce-Partington Plans 1895 London submarine plans
1917 H L B @ Dying Detective 1890 London guy used poison on rivals SH fakes sick
1917 H L B @ Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax 1901 (approx.) London Con man kills Lady, puts in coffin under older one
1917 H L B @ Devil's Foot 1897 Cornwall guy from Africa puts poison on relatives
1917 H L B   His Last Bow August, 1914 London Watson, talk about WWI, German spy
1927 C B S H @ Mazarin Stone 1903 (approx.) London Mycroft catches Count diamond thief
1927 C B S H T Problem of Thor Bridge 1900 (approx.) Hampshire (near Winchester) Brazil lady shoots self, string on gun off bridge FalseFlag
1927 C B S H @ Creeping Man 1903 Camford guy takes drugs to be a gorilla for young wife
1927 C B S H @ Sussex Vampire 1896 West Sussex (near Horsham) burned house
1927 C B S H @ Three Garridebs 1902 London Fakes inheritance to get into basement (Mazarin)
1927 C B S H @ Illustrious Client 1902 London girl wants to marry murderer, king hires Sherlock
1927 C B S H @ Three Gables no data London

Man pines for rich lady, got kicked, dies, writes book

1927 C B S H @ Blanched Soldier 1903 Bedford, Bedfordshire Friend of soldier who thinks he has leprosy
1927 C B S H @ Lion's Mane 1907 East Sussex Cyanea capillata stingy jellyfish
1927 C B S H @ Retired Colourman 1898 (approx.) Frinton-on-Sea, Essex Old man gases his wife and bf
1927 C B S H @ Veiled Lodger 1896 London Lady bit by tiger, circus man shot
1927 C B S H @ Shoscombe Old Place 1902 (approx.) Berkshire Horse owner asst Jude fakes dead sister


Short stories

The short stories, originally published in periodicals, were later gathered into five anthologies:

Lists of favourite stories

There are two famous lists of favourite stories: that of Conan Doyle himself, in The Strand in 1927, and that of the Baker Street Journal in 1959.

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes in the Grenada TV series

New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Basil Rathbone

Dryaer & Weenolsen.   John Longden as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes 1954 TV Series - Ronald Howard 

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century - cartoon

Sherlock Holmes Returns
1994 Baker Street, San Francisco - TV movie (1993)

Starring: Anthony Higgins
Sherlock is awakened in 1994 after Professor Moriarty put him in suspended animation

Sherlock Holmes in Washington DC

Other Sherlock Holmes Authors

Silk Stocking by  Alan Cubitt

Sherlock Holmes Meditating

It is elementarily evident that Sherlock often did something like TM,
as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Adventure of the Dancing Men:
as Dr. Watson: "Holmes had been seated for some hours in silence."
If he was real he would practice the technique with the most scientific research - Transcendental Meditation

Strand Magazine, 1861
Sir. Arthur C. Doyle

1939-1946  20th Century Fox
Basil Rathbone

1954 S. R. Productions
Ron Howard

1984-1994  BBC
Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett
as Sherlock Holmes

2011-2014  BBC
Benedict Cumberbatch

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

The Problem of Thor Bridge

Assuming lotus position

Sherlock Holmes meditating

Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes in Russia

Sherlock meditating

Solving crime in the Golden Dome

Rick has read every Sherlock Holmes story

   Other Cases with Ronald Howard as Sherlock Holmes

1916 Sherlock Holmes

Sir John Gielgud (Sherlock) and Sir Ralph Richardson (Watson)

1954 New

The Case of the Cunningham Heritage

1902 (approx.) London Watson meets Holmes, room mate, vindicate lady new wife, brother killed  husband

Charlton Heston as Sherlock Holmes

"I see no more than you, but I have trained my self to notice what I see."

Inspired by Dr. Joseph Bell

Sherlock Holmes and the 7/7/2005 London Bombings

Ian Richardson 2
Basil Rathbone 16
Peter Cushing 1
Christopher Plummer 1
Michael Caine 1
Jeremy Brett  41
Robert Downey Jr. 2
Cumberpatch 13

Not pictured: Robert Stephens, Williamson

Arthur Wontner

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sherlock and Watson Christmas carols

Jeremy Brett singing