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10 Reasons to Register with CIREG

wpeB.jpg (1403 bytes) LOWER PRICE: CIReg will save you money year after year and maximize your cash flow.   We have an efficient, automated process which minimizes our costs, so we can pass the savings on to you.  If you have 10 domains, you can save hundreds of dollars a year from other registrars.  We hope you will choose us for web design consulting, and other internet services.
wpe28.jpg (3559 bytes) PROTECT YOUR TRADEMARK: When domain registration is only $7.80, it does not require much in budget approval.  If you even think you might need a domain, you should get it immediately.  Companies who have waited for financial approval to get a domain for $35/year, have found it too late.  They either lost the domain, or ended up having to pay a cyber squatter thousands to get it back.  Our low price makes your reserving of your trademark name into an impulse buy.
wpe29.jpg (2910 bytes) MORE FEATURES: CIReg provides more features, such as AutoRenewal, domain locking, and better email and domain forwarding.  AutoRenewal gives you peace of mind, saves you time, and could save your domain name.  You will never again have to spend time or do email about renewals in the future.   We keep on the cutting edge of technology.  We are smaller and nimble, so we can can change quickly to keep up with the times, to offer you the best services, at the lowest price.
wpe2B.jpg (3222 bytes) MORE CONTROL FOR YOU: We provide you with a full featured control panel so you can make changes yourself that affect your domains.  You can specify special settings such as CNames and MX records with Total DNS Control.  You do not have to pay for an external DNS service, saving you additional money. 
wpe2C.jpg (3545 bytes) SAVING TIME: Some registrars require a 24-48 hour down time moving a domain from their domain forwarding to a regular IP.  We can prevent such delays, to make sure your web site is up during transitions.  We will work with your web site consultant to save him, and therefore you, money.
wpe2D.jpg (1672 bytes) QUALITY: CIReg uses the same wholesale OpenSRS system used by most registrars, so quality is not an issue.  We are as mainline as anyone.  Once a domain name is set, and propagates through the web, that is pretty much it.  We'll make sure it is done right.
wpe2E.jpg (1655 bytes) 24/7 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: You can call or email us, or our wholesaler, any time.  Most registrars have no one you can call late evenings or weekends.  Or they put you on hold for a long time.  You have to email them your question to open a Trouble Ticket.  We'll give you our mobile phone number.
wpe30.jpg (2256 bytes) SECURITY: With thousands of customers, other registrars don't know you from Adam.  If someone wanted to try to steal your domains, they could get to first base, with a transfer request.  There are stories of people stealing domains by sending transfer requests using fake return email addresses, or faxing a phony letterhead to the Registrar.  With CIREG receiving any transfer requests, we'll follow your instructions, which will probably be to ignore such transfer requests, and try to find out who was trying to take your domain.
wpe31.jpg (2353 bytes) REDUCED SPAM: Spammers can get your email addresses from the WHOIS offered by many registrars.  We can help you prevent such exposure with CIREG.  NOTICE: Our low price is to attract legitimate owners of domains.   We do not want squatters to register with us, and will take appropriate preventive action.
wpe32.jpg (2077 bytes) CONVENIENT ADDITIONAL SERVICE: You may already be dealing with CICorporation for web hosting, design, and internet consulting.  Registration is simply another service in the list. We want to be your one stop shop.  With our convenient combined billing, you don't have to make payments to various other vendors.

Cosmic Internet Registration

Enjoy the savings, extra features, and better support