Hi Rick,

We were away all day and just returned. Hopefully, you reached one of the ladies to help you otherwise Bert can help first thing in the morning.
I spoke with Julianne and we came up with a first order of products for the house to try (I've underlined those below). I'll give you a call tomorrow to see what you think.


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Dear Rick,

It was good to talk with you last night. I think it's a great idea to introduce Melaleuca to the house.
I will speak with Julianne later today and see what products she would suggest for a first order.

From last night's talk, I might suggest:

Melapower (laundry detergent)
Melasoft (fabric softener)
Melabrite (non bleach whitener and brightener)
Lemonbrite (dish liquid for hand washing)
Diamond Brite (automatic dishwasher detergent)
Liquid hand soap
Tough n Tender - all purpose cleaner
Melamagic - heavy duty cleaner
Tub n Tile -- for the bathrooms
Solumel -- odor remover and protection against mod or mildew

Melaleuca works like a wholesale catalogue company. To open a preferred customer account, there is a small membership fee. Normally it is $29 but this month they have a promotion and its only $1! So that's easy!

To get the preferred customer price (30-40% discount) Melaleuca asks us to switch stores for 35 product points ($55-$65) worth of products each month. With over 350 products in 5 different product categories this monthly order is easy to meet. Melaleuca takes the money they save by not advertising or retailing and puts it into high quality research and natural ingredients so the products are excellent but very reasonably priced.

The 5 product divisions are
1. Ecosense --cleaning, laundry and dish care
2. Vitality for Life -- supplements, weight management and sports nutrition
3. Bath and Body
4. Sei Bella natural skin care and cosmetics -very high quality
5. Melaleuca's natural pharmacy (dental care, dry skin treatments, first aid) using the powerful properties of Melaleuca (tea tree) oil for healing and pain relief.

Here are some links if you're interested:
www.melaleuca.com then click on 'get to know Melaleuca' for great info
http://www.melaleuca.com/ProductStore/ProductStore.aspx to look at the product store - 'pc' = preferred customer and this would be your price

I'll get back in touch after I speak with Julianne.


Bert & Marsha