Toshiba Repair T2-10148925

At random times, sometimes just after booting, and sometimes after an hour or two of use, the laptop freezes up. I am unable to use the keyboard or mouse. T/he screen suddenly shows only static and the fan revs up. The only choice is to hold the power button until it turns off. Any work in RAM is lost.

I cannot use the laptop for a PowerPoint presentation because of the possibility it will freeze at any time, causing an awkward and embarrassing delay while rebooting.

This is the 4th time this laptop has been sent in for the same reason. I believe the screen has been swapped, so it is not that. The hard drive was re-imaged, so it does not seem to be a virus. Let's try changing the mother board this time.

This laptop is very deceptive. It will pass the standard tests. But just let it work for a while, and you will see what I mean. Try browsing some web sites, or running some calculations. You will know it when you see it.

I bought the laptop for over $1000 and it has been unusable. It is no fun for either of us to send it back and forth or repairs. I have had a dozen laptops in my life, and this is the only one that has had such trouble. I do not really need the tablet screen and am willing to swap it with a less expensive laptop. I just need one that works dependably. Thank you.

Username: Admin007 
Password: thao4