Thanks to your feedback, we continue to add new features to ACTGold!

The "ACT to Goldmine Conversion Process" is a series of procedures and programs which convert any ACT! (4.0 or 2000) into Goldmine (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, FrontOffice) database format.  We can convert your:


* 8/3/2001 Additional contacts from ACT! can be made into new Contact records automatically

* 8/5/2001 Assign Activities (Calls, Meetings, ToDo's) to User, so that the Calendar or Task list can show selective activities by user

* 8/7/2001 Automatic retrieval of Users names from ACT!, and inserting into Goldmine's Users list

* 8/8/2001 Get extra User Defined field names from ACT Admin My Record into Goldmine ContUDef

* 8/9/2001 Add Country codes from countries automatically

* 8/13/2001 Benchmarking file, to help with future estimates and quotes

* 09/22/2001 Log window enhanced, estimate indicators, and progress thermometer moved up

* 10/08/2001 Template for Maximizer to Goldmine conversion

* 11/02/2001 Multi-user version, drive independence, percentage
Now our procedure can run on multiple computers to divide the job between processors and save hours of time to convert!  One job that would take 60 hours was cut down to only 10 hours when done on 6 machines.

* April - June 2002 Problems fixed

1. There is nothing in the "Pending" tab for any of the contacts and nothing in the calendar. I assume this is where our upcoming meetings, phone calls and activities would be listed.

Now activities and emails are showing up in the Pending tab

2. In the "Activities List" form there is nothing in the "Call", "Appts" or "Events" tabs.

They were showing up.  However they show by User.  Right click and select the appropriate User to see the activities.

3. In the Activities form, in the "Closed" "Filed" and "Real Time" tabs, in the bottom right hand corner, the notes are all entered twice. I don't mind having these notes in there twice but thought you might like to know about it.

Now the duplication has been removed if the Notes are the same as the Reference field

4. The Act fax number has been put into the "Contacts" tab. Can you put it into the Goldmine fax field? (In the Rick Shaddock field in the ACT file the fax number is in the field that shows 555-5555)

This has been moved.

5. The home phone number in Act has been put into the Fax field. Can you put it into the "Phone 3" field

This has been moved

6. The three fields for each of the alternate contacts in the Act "Alt Contacts" tab are being copied into Goldmine properly except for the "PerAsst" name field. A record is being added to the GM "Contacts" tab for the PerAsst with the title and phone number but the assistant's contact name is missing. (This field is however being copied into the Goldmine "Asst" field. It would help if you could copy it into both spots)

The Assistant name now appears

7. The Spouse field has been put into the user defined field 14. Would it be possible, instead to add the spouse name to the Contacts tab with a "Reference" of "Spouse"?

Now there is the choice of having the Spouse as a User Defined Field, or as an additional Contact - which gives greater flexibility and features

8. In the GM "Members" tab, the contacts have all been put into groups correctly but there are no groups in the list of groups. This means we can't do a filter on these groups and we can't add new contacts to these existing groups. Can you copy our Act list of groups into the GM "groups" list?

This seems to be ok

9. The GM "Contact Type" field is filled with random characters. Can this be cleaned out?

This has been moved to Key5

10. You're putting The Act "ID/Status" field into the Goldmine "Business:" field. We don't refer to this very often. Could you put it into one of the user fields in the "Fields" tab?

You can now Swap this field with any other UDF such as UserDef10

11. We have a "version" field that I don't think is being transferred. (In your Act record it's the field with the date 4/3/2002. It's the first one in the Act "User Fields" tab.) This is a date field that lets us know what version of our software our customer is using. We need this when they call for support. We also use it when we discover a bug in our program. We can send a notice out to everyone that has a version that falls between two dates.

Now this is in the MM/DD/YYYY format

Ideally it would be best if this date field could be displayed in one of the fields in the bottom right hand corner of the contact's information so we can see it immediately when one of our users calls us. This is the area with the "Contact type", "Business", "Interest" fields. However it seems these are all character fields. Is it possible to change any of these to a date field? If not, can you enter the date as a character field with a format like this "02/04/24"? Or do you have any suggestions on how we could handle this date? We could also put it in the "Fields" tab but these are also character fields and not as handy as having this date on the main screen.

This is now in the Key 3 or Interest field

* 06/15/2002 ACT! Email files to Goldmine - This utility converts the ACT! email detail .DET files into the Goldmine MAILBOX table.

* 2003 Automatically generate User Field screen for use with many User Defined Fields

Automatically updates the UserDef more appropriately

Additional conversion for SalesForce

Additional conversion for SharkWare