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But here is an older program

This program import's data from Act for Windows 1.1 and Act for Windows 2.x

into GoldMine for Windows or GoldMine for DOS.


NOTE:  If you do NOT want to import data from ACT's ADDRESS3, or USERDEFINED

FIELDS 11-15, then skip to Step 18.


1. If you have entered any data or made any customizations to GoldMine, it is

recommended that you make a complete backup of the GoldMine system before


2. Select File|Configure GoldMine|Custom Fields.

3. Click New.

4. Under field name, enter "USERDEF11", for position enter "11", leave

description blank.   Select "Character" for Field Type and "50" for Len.

Then click OK.

5. Repeat step 4 for USERDEF12, USERDEF13, USERDEF14, USERDEF15 and USERDEF16

using the number of the field (ie. "12" for USERDEF12") for position.

6. Then click the Rebuild button.  NOTE:  If you are using a networked GoldMine

all other users must EXIT GoldMine for the Rebuild to process correctly.

7. Select File|Configure GoldMine|Field Views then NEW.

8. Enter "ACT Fields" for View Name, then select OK.

9. Click CANCEL.

10. Click on the fields tab.

11. With the mouse pointer below the tabs, click the RIGHT mouse button.

12. Select the "ACT Fields" view.

13. Click the right mouse button and select New Field.

14. Drag "USERDEF01" into a free area of the screen (until it changes in

color from RED to WHITE)

15. Holding Ctrl, double click on this field.

16. Click the fields button and select USERDEF11. Click OK.   Click OK.

17. Repeat steps 13-16 using USERDEF12, USERDEF13, USERDEF14, USERDEF15

and USERDEF16 in Step 16 instead of USERDEF11.

18. Exit GoldMine

19. Copy all of the files that you unzipped from ACT2IMP.ZIP into

the GoldMine directory.

20. From Windows program manager, select File|Run

21. Enter "C:\GOLDMINE\ACTIMP.EXE" for Command Line then press OK.

22. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the import.