Mass Mailer

The Mass Mailer will enable anyone running Windows 95 and a 28.8K Modem to send bulk email messages at speeds up to 250K messages / Hour.

How is this possible?

With standard email software, all messages are sent out one at a time, however, very little bandwidth

is actually being used.

Bandwidth is like a highway, if you have a 20 lane highway and only one car is diving down the highway, the highway is not being used to it full capacity.

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The same goes for Bandwidth, if you are using a modem 14.4K, 28.8K, etc... ( larger number = higher bandwidth) and you are only mailing one message at a time, you are not using the full Bandwidth available from your modem.

The way the Mailer works is - it makes MULTIPLE connections to either a Single email server or to Multiple servers or a combination of both, all the connections are made at the same time. This is possible due to the Windows 95 Multi - Tasking environment. It is kind of like starting the same program Multiple times, however, the Mailer does it much more efficiently. By having Multiple connections running at the same time, you are able to saturate the entire bandwidth available from your modem.

There are a few guidelines that you will have to follow and some testing of server(s) may me needed in order to produce Maximum results.

We consider a fast server to be a server that can mail 20,000 or more messages per hour with standard email software ( using blind carbon copy ) a fast server.

We consider a slow server to be a server that can mail 10,000 or less messages per hour with standard email software ( using blind carbon copy) a slow server.

It takes approximately 10 connections to use up ( saturate ) the bandwidth available from a 14.4K modem. For a 28.8K modem, it will take approximately 20 connections. For the most part, anything past these connection rates will no produce better results.

1) Slow Servers - will obviously send mail slower. You will usually find that not as many connections can be made in to a single slow server. We usually find that only a few connections ( as low as 2-5)

can be made to a slow server.

2) Fast Servers - will obviously send mail faster. You will usually find that Many connection can be made to a single fast server. We have made as many as 25 connections to a single fast server.

3) More Connections - sends mail faster.

4) Fewer Connections - sends mail slower.

5) Making a lot of connections to a (Single) Fast Server tends to bog the server down.

6) Making a lot of connections to (Multiple) Fast Servers will produce the best results.


Some of the result our testing has produced: ( 28.8K Modem )

A) 20 connections in to a fast server averaged 120,000 messages / hour. ( bogged sever down)

B) 20 connections in to 20 separate Servers ( both fast and slow ) average 240,000 messages / hour.

(good results)

C) 5 connections into 5 separate slow servers averaged 90,000 messages / hour (good results)

D) 5 connections into a single slow server averaged 60,000 messages / hour (bogged server down)

E) 20 connections in to 20 separate servers has produced an average as high as 280,000 messages an hour.

Also, the when you connect to a server(s) can also produce different results. We have found the best times to connect to a server(s), tends to be between 10pm - 8am Sunday - Thursday. During the day and on weekends usually are the worst.

This is because the internet it self is like a highway. During the day and on weekends more people are out there driving their cars ( surfing the net / sending email ). Late at night less people are connected to the internet ( less surfing / emailing ). Weekend nights can be terrible!

As you can see results will vary on how many connections you make, how fast or slow the server(s) you are connecting to are and when you make the connections. For this reason, we cannot guarantee you that your email will always be sent at X messages / Hour. We can however, guarantee that the Mailer will send your messages faster than any standard commercial email client software available.

Server selection is by far the most important aspect of the program. If you choose very slow servers, performance will be poor, server timeouts will be almost guaranteed and your entire mailing will not be sent.

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