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Anywhere Access
File Sharing
Secure File Storage
File Access Options
FreeLoad IT!
Photo Album
FD Desktop / FD Sync
FD Wireless
FD Burn
FD Chat
Works ok.
Only basic plan is free.

20 MB - free
65 MB - $4.95/month
150 MB - $9.95/month

Account set up is immediate

Your files are safe on Xdrive Express's reliable, virus-protected servers.
Share Share
Let selected friends and co-workers access your files with ease.
Store Store
Save up to 100MB of files, documents, MP3s and photos online.
Access Access
Get to your files anytime, from any computer in the world.
Desktop Desktop
Download Xdrive Express Desktop and use Xdrive Express like your C: drive.
Wireless Wireless
Access through your Palm VII or WAP phone.
Was reviewed as one of the best by PC Magazine.

But was down for over 24 hours 4/16/2001

Only the first 15 days are free.

Starts you off with about 25 megs.  By referring friends you can get up to 100 megs.

RiverFront Software Logo
1 Copy - $39.95
2-9 Copies - $30.00 each
10-29 Copies - $28.00 each
30-49 Copies - $26.00 each
50-99 Copies - $25.00 each
100-249 Copies - $24.00 each
250-500 Copies - $21.00 each
500+ Copies - $20.00 each
Not free

Seems about the same as free services

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Free Online Web Space
  • Free hosting with 50 MB of web space...
  • Setup a free web page...
  • Setup a free online store...
  • Easy-to-use Page Builder...
  • Free e-mail account...
  • Advanced e-mail services...
  • Java, SSI, SSL scripting...
  • MS FrontPage 2000 support...
  • Search engine registration...
  • Set up your own personal or business Web page on the free Web space...


Buggy site - could not register 4/16/2001

/ MyDrive.com
Access to files from any PC or mobile device
Peer to peer file sharing
Messaging integration
Content collection and management tools
Application development through an open API
Metadata mining and personalization
Desktop drag and drop - easy to install

As of June 18, 2001, the i-drive online file storage service will no longer be available through our Web site - www.idrive.com. Instead, i-drive is licensing the software that powers i-drive.com to telecommunications carriers and Internet Service Providers worldwide so that they can provide their customers with storage services that are fully integrated with their other offerings.

You will have until June 18th to remove your files from your i-drive.

This was the best, but they suddenly notified all customers that they need to remove thier files. Apparently they could not continue offering free disk space for no profit. They suggest going to XDrive.com, but we do not.

If you know of any more, please email them to Webmaster@CICorp.com


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