The dBase User Group is a membership association that provides End Users a place to discuss and share their use of dBase. The monthly meetings are information packed and bring users of "All" levels together so all can be enriched and share tips and ideas.

Most of us have come to realize that dBase is a fantastic database management tool, but know that we could be using it to an even higher level. The problem is we just don't have the time to search out and find those items that could really be a big payoff in the way power users squeeze that productivity out of the program. That is exactly what the User Group tries to provide.

We usually have a product or service company do a demonstration, or presentation to the group, with special pricing for User Group Attendees. Also periodically User Group members perform a presentation of how they use dBase in real life situations, in their own daily use of the product. (The feedback we have gotten from current members is that this information is invaluable.) Finally we have a question and answer period with User Group members as they attempt to answer specific questions from the group.