dBase SIG (provisional)

We are presently voting for a dedicated place to meet.

Please see the recent minutes for the location this week. So far the group has met at the following places:

1) National Institute of Health - Building Cafeteria (After the main CPCUG meeting)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Masur Auditorium
Building 10 (Clinical Center)
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-0003

  • Area map
  • Map of NIH campus
  • Floorplan of first floor of Clinical Center

    Free Parking

    There's construction underway at NIH, so try to arrive early. (There are traffic police on the NIH campus--please observe the signs--speeding or rolling through stop signs, for example, can result in tickets.) You may park in the inside parking garage of Building 10. Enter from Memorial Drive and park on the P3 level. Watch for and observe the signs, including those about types of cars permitted in certain spaces (such as "handicapped" driver and "small compact" only.) Tell any parking attendant you are attending a CPCUG event (there will be no charge). You may also park in the many outdoor parking lots.


    Medical Center Stop on the Red Line (about 3 blocks across the NIH campus)

    2) C I Corporation
    King Street Metro
    Computer lab

    We are looking at:

    1) Lone Oak Center or Chai Center
    Chi Center at 1010 Grandlin Avenue
    Rockville, MD 20851

    2) National Association of Social Workers Lounge

    3) USDA Graduate School
    700 Maryland Avenue
    Washington, DC 20015

    4) Washington Gas Co.
    Springfield, VA
    Suggestion from John Sherman