Congress Information Purchase Agreement 

I hereby promise that the Congress & Senator Database file being purchased is for my exclusive use, on one computer, without sharing by others.  A discount is available for multiple users.  I agree to not allow any other person, party, or organization to obtain a copy of this file.  I will not email or send this database to anyone, nor put it where it can be accessed by others outside my department, such as an Internet auction.

I understand that the revenue from this sale helps defray the costs of organizing and updating this data.  Although the data is public information, the accumulation and marketing of this data takes time and money.   The database contains information that is believed to be accurate, from reasonable research efforts.  However, there can be no guarantee that is is entirely free from inaccuracies.  Representation and Staff changes can occur at any time, beyond our control, which may not yet be reflected in the database.

This Agreement cannot be assigned, or transferred to another without the consent of C I Corporation.  Quarterly updates of the database may be purchased, which will be distributed by email, and would be covered under this same agreement.   This Agreement may not be altered or modified except in writing, and any portion of this agreement which may not be enforceable does not invalidate the rest of this Agreement.

I have examined the database samples on the web site, and agree that this is the information I am interested in purchasing.  I understand that once received, the database cannot be returned for a refund.  However I may cancel my subscription at any time.  I have read, understand, and agree to the conditions of this Agreement.  I am an authorized representative of my organization to sign this agreement, and to make the charge by check or credit card.

Name:  ____________________________________ (signed)   Date: ______________

Title/Department: _______________________________________________________

Organization: __________________________________________________________

Street: _______________________________________________________________

City:  ______________________________  State: ____________  Zip: ____________

Email: __________________________________________  Amount $: ____________

Credit Card Number: ______________________________  Exp. Date _____________

Desired Data Format: ____________________ (Access, Excel, DBF, TXT, etc.)

Please sign and fax to:

C I Corporation
510 N Street, SW, Suite N32
Washington, DC  20035
202-829-4444    202-449-9500  Fax