Number Concealment Codes

It is always good to be on the safe side when sending credit card information or password numbers through the internet, and put the numbers in a code.

There are several easy techniques you can use to make it unrecognizable, by putting the numbers in a code.  It does not have to be NSA-proof, but will foil those scanning for credit card numbers.

Credit card numbers usually have 16 digits, but we can disrupt this pattern.


Credit Card Encryption Technique

Example using:
1234-5678-9012-3456 Exp. 12/10

1. Additional Characters - Adding a random letter of the alphabet to each 4 digit sequence with a random letter or punctuation.  The recipient simply ignores any non-number. 1234A-5678B-90%12C-34?56D Exp. 12E/10F
2. Backwards - enter the credit card number backwards 6543-2109-8765-4321  Exp. 21/01
3. Scramble 4 - Each 4 letter sequence is backwards 4321-8765-2109-6543  Exp: 0121
4. Telephone Cipher - substitute any of up to 3 letters from each number of a typical telephone key pad.  It does not matter which alphabetic letter you choose.

Note: We can use Z for Zero.  But there is no letter for the number 1.

1 =1
2 =A
or B or C
3 =D
or E or F
4 =G
or H or I
5 =J
or K or L
6 =M
or N or O
7 =P
or Q or R or S
8 =T
or U or V
9 =W
or X or Y
0 =Z
or * or #

Example: 1ADG-JMPT-WZ1B-EHKN  Exp. 1C/1Z

5. StoreKeeper's Code - each number, such as an item's cost, becomes a letter of the alphabet.  There are 10 basic consonant sounds, each corresponding to a digit. Vowels are ignored.  Store keepers have used this to put their minimum price in code, while they negotiate with a customer. The number-letter equivalents may vary in each shop.  Please use ours: 1 = L or l
2 = Dd or Tt
3 = Mm
4 = Ff or Vv
5 = Ss or Zz
6 = Jj, Sh, Ch, soft g
7 = Rr
8 = Kk or hard G
9 = Bb or Pp
0 = Nn

1 looks like a lower case L
or Two starts with T or D for duo
3 looks like an "M" rotated on its side
Four starts with F
5 looks like an S
6 looks like a g upside down
7 mirrors r
8 is a closed K
9 is a b upside down or mirror of P
0 is Null.

Example with extra vowels (a,e,i,o,u,y):

NOTE: If you use a code, please use extra care to ensure accuracy and consistency, so as not to delay the fulfillment of your order.
Thank you.

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