Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher provides the microcomputer user with capabilities formerly available only to a professional typesetter. With Microsoft Publisher, the user can design the layout of his own publications, manipulate the text and graphics on the computer screen, and print out a finished camera-ready product on his own printer.

Advantages of using Microsoft Publisher over sending the project out to a professional typesetter include;

# Greater control over the finished product - the ability to experiment

with varying text appearances (fonts, leading, kerning, etc.) on the computer screen before printing it out WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get").

# Faster turn-around time for the skilled user, especially for minor


# Cost savings - the cost of the Microsoft Publisher software package

may soon pay for itself over the cost of a typesetter.

This course provides the user with the basic skills necessary to;

# Access and customize the Microsoft Publisher software.

# Design the layout for a publication, incorporating various character

sizes, fonts, and other text attributes

# Insert and delete text directly using the Publisher text-editing

capabilities, or import text from a variety of popular word

processing packages into Publisher;

# Reformat the text - adjusting margins, tabs, page lengths, page

endings, and page numbering.

# Incorporate graphics into the document - lines, boxes and circles to

enclose specific text within the document.

# Import scanned-image photographs or graphic artistry from other

software packages into the document.

This one-day Microsoft Publisher course provides the user a foundation for desk-top publishing and requires no previous knowledge of computer operations aside from basic typing skills.