Introduction to the
Oracle Small Business Suite

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 In this course, you will learn the basics of how a web-based business management application can provide an efficient and easy-to-use solution to run and grow a small to medium sized business. This course is divided into eight chapters. Each section will contain the following elements:  Objectives, Topics, and Exercises.

 As a means of illustration principles using a real-world example, this course will follow the opening of a fictional retail business, or the client’s own, if all the students are from the same organization.  Each chapter introduces new business activities that are tracked financially. Your challenge is to help the business thrive. The students will use the Oracle Small Business Suite to help keep track of business assets and profitability, to provide you with accounting and management and to give you the infrastructure and processes to support the business management needs.  

Chapter 1 New Business Setup

         Ability to sign up for a new account

         Ability to Navigate through the Oracle Small Business Suite

         A basic understanding of accounting solutions available to businesses

         A basic understanding of Balance Sheet and Income Statement Accounts

         Ability to enter opening balances


Chapter 2 Preparing for Opening Day

         Ability to enter transactions into Oracle Small Business

         Understanding inventory vs. non-inventory items

         Understanding prepaid expenses


Chapter 3 Grand Opening

         Understand the sales cycle within Oracle Small Business

         Understand how to enter discounted transactions

         Learn how to create estimates and then create invoices

         Knowing when to use cash sales vs. invoices


Chapter 4 Payroll




Learn how to activate the Payroll feature within Oracle Small Business

         Understand what tax tables are

         Learn how to set up payroll vendors

         Learn how to create payroll items

         Understand Year-to-date amounts

         Learn how to process paychecks

         Learn how to pay payroll liabilities

         Understand and enter time tracking records


Chapter 5 Opening a Web Store

         Learn how to create a Web store

         Understand Oracle Small Business Web Store features

         Learn how to set up store items, categories and specials

         Learn how to approve and process sales

         Learn how to print picking tickets, packing slips and return forms


Chapter 6 Ongoing Operations

         Understanding regular payments, recurring bills, and memorized transactions

         Tracking inventory and running inventory reports

         Reconciling bank accounts, printing checks/forms, and making deposits

         Running year-end reports

         Understanding how to use credit memos


Chapter 7 Managing Customers

         Understanding the relationship between customer, companies and contacts

         Understanding the notes, tasks and events features

         Understanding a name type

         Understanding CRM reporting


Chapter 8 State of the Business

      How to analyze business reports

      How to determine “break-even” points in business

      Understanding profitability of items, customers and classes/departments