Intermediate HTML: Frames, Columns, and Enhanced Layout

Course Outline

Prerequisites: Students should be fully knowledgeable of all the HTML features covered in WestLake Internet Training's World Wide Web Publishing with HTML course such as text layout, inserting graphics, hyperlinks, and tables.

Student objectives:

Frames and Targets (discussion)

Netscape Navigator 2.0 and later, Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and later, and America Online 3.0 and later support frames and targets.   Frames enable Web developers to split their pages into multiple panels, each of which can contain a separate HTML document.   Clicking on a link in one of these panels causes a new document to load into that same panel.   Through the use of targets, users can click on a hyperlink in one panel and have it open a document in a different panel or in a completely new browser window.

Exercise: Constructing the Home Page for a Frames-Based Newsletter

Adding Links between Frames (discussion)

Exercise: Targeting Links

Advanced Graphics Concepts (discussion)

Exercise: Advanced Graphic Positioning

Image Maps (discussion and hands-on)

Layout Your Page in Columns Using Tables (discussion)

Exercise: Laying out Your Page in Columns Using Tables

<META> Tags (discussion and hands-on)

Exercise: Adding a Series of Changing Banner Ads to Your Site

Interactive Features (discussion)

Exercise: Using JavaScript to Make an Image "Flip"