Advanced VisualCafé
Enterprise Suite

Our VisualCafé 3.0 Enterprise Suite class delivers the latest and most powerful Java to developers. This two-day hands-on instruction builds on the knowledge gained in the VisualCafé Professional Edition 3.0 one-day class and VisualCafé 3.0 Database Edition two-day class and provides an interactive environment to demonstrate the features of VisualCafé 3.0 Enterprise Suite.

Module 1 Introducing Distributed Development

Define Distributed Development

Module 2 Creating a Server Application Project

Develop a Server Application Project

Module 3 Building a Client Adapter

Create a Client Adapter

Module 4 Debugging the Application

Perform Distributed Debugging

Implement a Distributed Debugging Service

Module 5 Create Application in an Enterprise Environment

Create and view a basic application

Add components to an application

Customize the look and feel of components

Create interactions and events between components

Distributed Debugging

Module 6 Databind Datasources in an Enterprise Environment

Create Databound tab using dbNavigator

Create Master-Detail Tab

Add Components

Customize Jtable

Query Visual Cafe Project using QBE

Modify databound tabs

Filter and sort data using SQL Statements

Distributed debugging


Upon completion of the VisualCafé 3.0 Enterprise Suite course, developers will be certified in the successful application of:

Length: 2 Days

Students must attend both the VisualCafé 3.0 Professional Edition one-day class and VisualCafé 3.0 Database Edition two-day class prior to taking this course. Students must have an understanding of object-oriented programming languages and concepts such as GUI components, event models, interactions, classes and inheritance. Students should also have a basic knowledge of HTML and the Java programming language, including concepts such as syntax, properties, exceptions, applets and applications, inner classes and Java I/O. Students must understand SQL and client server models.