Pre-assessment Tool for WordPerfect 5.1 Introduction

1. How do you save a document and continue working within the same


a. F10

b. F7

c. Enter

d. Control-F10

2. What key activates "Typeover" and what does it mean?

a. ESC - Start typing the document over again

b. INS - type over existing characters

c. F7 - Save and Replace to Type over existing file on disk

d. Shift-INS - to replace existing characters as you type

3. How do you delete a paragraph?

a. DEL, then type "P" for Paragraph options from the menu

b. F4-Block, RETURN, DEL

c. Hit the BACKSPACE key for each character

d. F4-Block, highlight the paragraph, then hit ESC

4. To create a block indented paragraph:

a. Tab in front of each line of the paragraph

b. Hit tab on the first line of the paragraph then hit ESC

c. Hit F4 at the top of the paragraph

d. Press about 5 spaces at the left side of each line

5. Which key allows you to underline?

a. F6

b. F7

c. F8

d. the Underscore key

6. To get the cursor very quickly to the beginning of the document:

a. Hit the up arrow and hold it down

b. Hit the Home key twice then the up arrow key

c. Hit the Home key then the Page Up key

d. Hit the Top-of-document key

7. To move a paragraph to another location in the document:

a. ALT-F4, highlight, CTRL-F4, 1-Block, 1-Move, move cursor, Enter

b. CTRL-F4, highlight, 1-Block, move cursor, ALT-F4, Enter

c. ALT-F4, CTRL-F4, 1-Move, 1-Paragraph, Enter, highlight, 1-Block,


d. ALT-F4, 1-Paragraph, 1-Move, highlight, Enter, CTRL-F4

8. To search for a particular string of characters:

a. Hit the Search Key, enter the characters, then Escape

b. F2, enter the characters, F2

c. F2, enter the characters, Enter

d. Hit Shift-F2, enter the characters, then Enter_