Wang Glossary

This course covers glossary development, a powerful and efficient tool on the Wang word processing system, including the basics of the glossary, decision processing, incorporating Math Pak in glossary, and condensing a glossary. Students learn to create glossaries for application in their office operations. More than 70% hands-on. Learning Objectives:

After completing this course, a participant will be able to:

* Create a glossary document;

* Understand the function of a glossary and the key names;

* Use the four steps of the glossary cycle:

1. create

2. verify

3. recall, and

4. attach (three different ways);

* Understand and use decision processing to call other entries, test

for cursor position and screen locations, other command features;

* Understand Math Pak and incorporate it into a glossary;

* Condense glossaries and write special application glossaries

for individual use.


Target Audience: This course is useful for professional, managerial and administrative personnel. Familiarity with Wang word processing is recommended but not required.