Microsoft Office, Interaction of Applications

The purpose of this course is to enable the students to perform the most essential functions from Microsoft Office. Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Mail and Access. These cover the categories of word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, electronic mail, and databases, respectively.

This course also covers how the different products interact with each other, creating a synergistic benefit where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This course will also highlight the multi-tasking capabilities of Microsoft Windows.

More than 70% of this course is hands-on use of Word. After completing this course, a participant will be able to:

Word The fundamentals of word processing

Excel Crunching numbers with the electronic spreadsheet

PowerPoint Creating slides, overheads, and charts

Mail Attaching files and sending messages to others

Access Database management, searching, sorting, reporting

See our other outlines for more details on these packages


Target Audience: This course is useful for professional, managerial and administrative personnel. Familiarity with the basics of microcomputer use is not required. This course is particularly useful for persons making the transition to Microsoft Windows.