Harvard Graphics

Harvard Graphics is a complete solution to presentation needs. It can create charts which can contain graphs, special images and words, of course. These charts can be produced as 35mm slides, paper printouts, and/or can be arranged on computer for a slide-show. Participants will learn how to enter data and/or import data from other software packages to produce charts. Learning Objectives: After

completing this course a participant will be able to:

* setup defaults for viewing, saving and printing charts

* create text charts including font/attribute manipulation

* create bulletted text charts

* create organizational charts

* create multiple and 3-dimensional pie charts

* create bar, stacked bar, and line graphs

* import data from other packages like Lotus 123, or ASCII


* annotate charts with symbols, shapes, arrows and text

* priting with color palletts, controlling print size,

frame, background shading

* create slide-shows for the microcomputers

Target Audience: This course is useful for professional, managerial, and administrative personnel at all levels, with an emphasis on people working in the area of business presentation.