Advanced HTML/Introduction to CGI Scripting and JavaScript Training Class

The Advanced HTML/Introduction to CGI Scripting and JavaScript training class teaches you the special HTML and CGI scripting skills you need to transform your World Wide Web site into a truly interactive, compelling experience. Here is a look at the exciting skills you will learn:

The course includes a fully illustrated workbook, an HTML reference card by SSC, and O'Reilly & Associates' Web Design in a Nutshell, and handouts.

Course Outline

Prerequisites: All students should have extensive HTML experience, either from their own projects or from World Wide Web Publishing with HTML and Intermediate HTML classes. No prior programming experience is assumed, although students familiar with the C programming language will find Perl and JavaScript especially easy to learn.

Student objectives:

9:00 Introduction

9:10 Why learn advanced HTML, CGI scripting and JavaScript?

9:20 Creating Forms (discussion and hands-on)

10:20 Break

10:30 The Basics of the Perl Scripting Language (discussion and hands-on exercises)

11:25 CGI Script Exercise: Mailing Information Entered into a Form (discussion and hands-on)

12:30 Lunch

1:30 CGI Script Exercise: Using If-Else Conditionals to Handle (discussion and hands-on)

2:15 Using Perl’s AND and OR Logic Operators (discussion)

2:25 Break

2:35 An Introduction to JavaScript (discussion)

3:00 A Basic JavaScript-enabled Color Picker (discussion and hands-on)

3:30 In-Line Form Validation Using JavaScript (discussion and hands-on)

4:00 Conclusion