The new FoxPro book by D.L. Olympia, published by Addison-Wesley is our suggested text for our FoxPro course. The book comes with a program disk. DEVELOPING FOXPRO APPLICATIONS Table of Contents

o Chapter 1

FoxPro and dBASE IV

- Introducing FoxPro

- General Compatibility Issues


- Comparison of Program Limits

- Files and File Formats

- FoxPro Extensions

- Memory Requirements and Usage

- Unimplemented dBASE IV Features

o Chapter 2

Database Design

- Creating Your FoxPro Database

- The Relational Integrity Rules

- Normalization

- A Complete Example

o Chapter 3

Data Dictionary

- What is a Data Dictionary?

- Data Dictionary Advantages

- Setting Up a Primitive FoxPro Dictionary

- A Functional FoxPro Data Dictionary System

- Data Dictionary Files

- The Data Element Dictionary

- Extending the Dictionary Concept

- Data Dictionary Implementation in the Dbase Family

- The Recital Data Dictionary Facility

o Chapter 4

Designing and Customizing an Application

- Calling Other Program Modules

- Performing Data Validation

- Implementing your own Help Facility

- Error Handling

- Debugging Facilities

- Custom Configuration


o Chapter 5

The User Interface

- User-Defined Windows

- Setting Colors

- Designing Menus

- PickLists

- The @...SAY/GET Command

- Trapping KeyStrokes

- Browse

o Chapter 6

Handling Date and Time Data

- Summary of Important FoxPro Date/Time Features

- Date Operations

- Date Formats

- Null Date

- Date Storage Format

- FoxPro Base Date

- Packing Date and Time

- Random Numbers and the System Clock

- Averaging Dates

- Indexing on Dates

- Is it a Leap Year?

- How Many Days Remain in a Month or Year?

- Computing the Number of Workdays

o Chapter 7

Memo Field Techniques

- Why Use Memo Fields?

- Summary of Memo Field Enhancements in FoxPro

- Creating and Accessing Memo Fields

- Other Ways to Display Memo Fields

- Memo Field Length

- .Dbf and .Fpt Files

- Managing Memo Field Space

- Memo Fields as Filing Cabinets

o Chapter 8

Handling String and Character Data

- Data Type Conversion

- Searching Character Strings

- Word Wrapping In a Character Field During Data Entry

- Replacing Characters and Strings

- Encrypting and Decrypting Strings

- String Animation

o Chapter 9

Array Techniques

- Arrays in FoxPro

- Array Element Addressing

- Initializing Arrays

- FoxPro Arrays vs. Clipper Arrays

- FoxPro UDFs of Clipper Built-in Array Functions

- FoxPro Commands and Functions Involving Arrays


- Sorting Data

- Array Sorting Techniques

o Chapter 10

Indexing and Sorting

- Sorting

- Indexing

- Database Searches

- Formulating Index Expressions

- Opening Indexes and Index Order

- Reindexing

- Indexing in a Multi-User Environment

- Searching for Close Matches

o Chapter 11

Reporting and Printing Techniques

- FoxPro's Report Writing Facilities

- Summary of FoxReport Features

- Including Percentages in a Report

- Printing Memo Fields

- System Memory Variables

- Page Handler

- Mailmerge Reports

- Snaked Column Reports

- The Structure of a Label (.LBX) File

- Sending Commands Directly to the Printer

- Sending Nulls to a Printer

- Redirecting Printer Output to a File

- Printing on a Network

- Printjob and Endprintjob

o Chapter 12

Low-Level File I/O

- Comparison With the C File I/O Functions

- Uses of the Low-Level File I/O

o Chapter 13

Multi-User Procedures and Techniques

- Shared Files

- Deleting Records on a Network

- Controlling Concurrent Updates

- Deadlock

o Chapter 14

More Multi-User Techniques

- Reporting

- Transaction Processing

- Maintaining Data Integrity in the Multi-User Environment

- ON ERROR Processing

- Maintaining a System Audit Trail

o Chapter 15

Distributing a FoxPro Application

- Optimizing Performance

- Compiling an Application

- Writing an Application Config.fp File

- Compressing Files for Distribution

- Installing Your Application

- Application Adhoc Reports and Database Security

o Appendix A

SET Commands

o Appendix B

Color Pairs for Each Color Scheme

o Appendix C


o Appendix D

FoxPro System Memory Variables

o Appendix E

FoxPro Index (.Idx) File Structure