Introduction to FoxPro for Windows

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to ways to apply FoxPro for Windows to your day to day microcomputer work. FoxPro is a database management program for Windows on the IBM and compatible computers. It is produced by Microsoft Corporation. FoxPro for Windows is compatible with most of the dBase (Ashton-Tate - a Borland company) commands, programs and files.

This course is divided into six main sections: introduction to databases, general maintenance functions, database design, searching, indexing, and reporting. The terminology and concepts provide a base for FoxPro "literacy". The class exercises provide "hands-on" experience.

The course is designed for the first-time FoxPro user with experience with Windows. More than 70% of the class time is hands-on use of FoxPro.



Table of Contents

The course booklet is used to facilitate a logical sequence of discussion of the terminology, concepts, and practical applications of FoxPro for Windows. Consult the manufacturer's documentation

for specific FoxPro commands.

Introduction to FoxPro 1

Objectives 1

Databases 2

Database Terms 3

10 Main Functions of a DBMS 4

Common FoxPro Commands 5

FoxPro Specifications 6

File Extensions 7

Getting in and out of FoxPro 8

Exploring A Database 9

Editing Techniques 10

FoxPro's Amazing Browse 11

Simple Search Conditions 12

Editing and Appending Records 12

Using a Field List 12

Menu System 13

Backing Up Your Data 14

Global Replace 14

Deleting Records 15

HELP Mode Menus 16

Database Design 17

Changing the File Structure 18

CREATE a new database file 18

Search Conditions 19

Practice using Conditions 21

Expression Builder 22

Arranging Data in Order 23

Speed SEEK 24

Printing 25

Report Forms 25

FoxPro Functions 28

File Operations 29

Customizing FoxPro 30

Fancy Editing Screens 31

Creating a custom Screen Format 32

Users Groups / Magazines / Books 37

Working With FoxPro 37

FoxPro Commands 38

FoxPro File Extensions 39

Sample File 40