Advanced FoxPro

This course expands on the FoxPro functions covered in the Introductory and Intermediate course. The course covers those features to enable the participant to develop major applications and use advanced FoxPro functions. The course is divided into four main sections: programming. features, memory variables and arrays, constructs, applications and debugging tools. Features covered include the Project Manager, FoxApp, FoxDoc, and FoxGraph if desired. Optional topics may be covered according to the needs of the participants. This course is intended for those who have taken the Introductory and Intermediate courses, or who have extensive daily experience using FoxPro for applications development. The class exercises provide "hands-on" experience in using the FoxPro commands. More than 70% of this course is hands-on use of FoxPro.


1 Expand awareness of the programming tools available in FoxPro

2 Use macros, memory & system variables, arrays, and UDFs

3 Use programming constructs for procedures and snippets

4 Use the FoxPro debugging tools, Project Manager, and other

applications development tools

5 Compile a standalone EXE application for distribution

6 Optional topics depending on student needs:

* Networking concepts and programming considerations

* Create graphs from the data with FoxGraph.

* Database Security

* Data Dictionary

Table of Contents

The course booklet is used to facilitate a logical sequence of discussion of the terminology, concepts, and practical applications of FoxPro. Consult the manufacturer's documentation for specific FoxPro commands.

Advanced FoxPro 1

Objectives 1

FoxPro as an Applications Development Tool 2

Additional FoxPro Functions Useful in Programming 3

Applying Macros in Programs 4

Memory Variables and System Memory Variables 5

Array Techniques 6

Using the Programming Constructs: 7

Incorporating Procedures in Programs 13

Debugging Techniques 14

User Defined Functions (UDFs) 15

Using the Project Manager 16

Advanced Screen Design 17

Designing and Programming a Menu-driven Application 18

Using FOXAPP - the Applications Generator 19

Distributing a FoxPro Application 20

General Distribution Issues 21

Optional Topics (depending on student needs) 22

Networking Concepts and Programming Considerations 23

Creating Graphs with FoxGraph. 24

Database Security 25

Data Dictionary 26