Intermediate Visual FoxPro

The purpose of this course is to expand upon your ability to use Visual FoxPro in your day to day microcomputer work. The course covers those features which enable the participant to create a menu-driven application for the his or her own convenience or that of others.

This text is divided into five main sections including the creation

of screen programs, multiple relations, query files, menu programs,

and project applications. The features used include the Data Session window, Database Container, Screen Builder, View mode, RQBE, Menu Builder, and the Project Manager.

This 2 day course is intended for those who have taken the Introductory course, or who have experience working with FoxPro on a day to day basis. The class exercises provide "hands-on" experience in using the FoxPro commands. More than 70% of class time is hands-on use of FoxPro.


By the end of the program participants should:

  1. Create a customized data entry and editing screen program using the new techniques offered by Visual FoxPro, which no longer requires you to compile the program

  3. Be familiar with the Data Session (formerly called the View mode) window and its use

  5. Construct relations: many to one, and one to many

  7. Report on more than one file simultaneously


  1. Build a menu-driven program


6.ingthe Project manager to create applications, even standalone EXE’s.