Introduction to FoxBase+ Mac

FoxBase+ is a revolutionary database product. It is FoxBASE+, which uses the dBase III+ command syntax, expanded in a unique direction. It is faster and more powerful than ever, and has a non-procedural interface, complete with windows, popup menus and full mouse upport. This course builds upon the concepts covered in the Introductory course. By the end of the course, the student will understand and use: Command Window/On-Line Help The Command Window, Command Structure, Command Keywords, Object, Scope, Conditions, Locate a Record, letting a path, Display a Database File, Display All, List, Display Fields, On-line Help, Use Help, Help Window, Help Topics, Details Sorting and Indexing Sort a Database, Sort versus Index, Index a Database File, Set Order with Indexes, Numeric versus Character Sorts, Open Indexes, Save a View, Update Indexes, Seek Data SET Options & Math Commands The On/Off Panel, Set Options, Count Records, Sum a field, Average Data Reports Create a Report, The Layout Window, Default Bands, FoxReport Objects, Quick Report, Specify Fields, Page preview, Data Grouping, Draw a Line, Save and Close, Page Layout, Place Text, Page Preview Revisited, Save the Report, Size the Bands, Place Fields, Other Report Expression Options, Size Fields, Move Fields, Add More Fields, Place a Memo Field, Place the Box, Box dialog Page Footer Band, Display the Date, Print the Report, Scope, For Conditions Labels Create a Label, Page Preview, Save Label finition Files, Pre-Defined Layouts, Custom Layouts, Save a Label Layout, Delete a Label Layout, Print Labels Screen Builder Place fields Include Check boxes, Popups, Scrolling Lists, Memo field Windows, Color combinations, Command Buttons, Entry into Multiple Databases, Generating Screen Program, Running the SPR File, Compiling. File Management Copy Database Files, Copy Parts of Database files Append from a Database, Position the Record Pointer.