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Advanced Excel

Advanced Excel provides experienced users with advanced concepts beyond those taught in introductory Excel courses.

The course begins with a review of the basic worksheet commands. Advanced commands are introduced for maximum productivity in worksheet development and modification. The use of macros commands is presented to automate spreadsheet operations. The course includes database management and related commands. Additional "=" functions are covered, as well as advanced graph development. All sessions include course exercises on prepared diskettes.

More than 70% of the course is hands on use of Excel.

Learning / Performance Objectives:

Target Audience: This course is useful for professional, managerial and administrative personnel at all levels. Introductory training in Excel is required and hands-on practice is recommended.

Level 3 - Advanced


•Customizing the Work Area

•Working the existing toolbars

•Creating a new toolbar

•Creating and using styles

•Creating templates

•Advanced Formula Construction

•Nesting functions

•The IF function

•The VLOOKUP function



•Error handling and the Auditing features

•Multiple File Linking

•Working with workbooks

•Linking individual cells

•Maintaining worksheet links

•Workspaces •Workbook versus linked files

•Outlining and Consolidating Information


•Consolidating worksheets

•Protect and Display Options

•Protecting the worksheet

•Hiding information

•View Manager

•Pivot Tables

•Creating pivot tables

•Working with pivot tables

•Viewing pivot tables at different levels

•Advanced Topics

•Analysis tools

•Importing and exporting files

•Compatability with other applications