This three day introduction to the Enable integrated software pack- age will be of greatest benefit to the prospective and novice user of Enable. Those Enable users who have achieved proficiency with only one or two of Enable's five major applications will also find this course beneficial. Although the primary theme of the course is the discovery of the power and capabilities of Enable, course participants will develop specific fundamental and practical skills in each of Enable's five major applications: word processing, data- base, spreadsheet, graphics, and telecommunications. There are no prerequisites to taking this course, however, it is recommended that applicants are somewhat familiar with personal computers and DOS. Upon completion of this course, students may elect to take one or more of the advanced courses that cover each of Enables five applications in depth. May want to include something about what version of Enable will be used in classroom. Tell Nat that I am planning to complete the paper work to become and authorized Enable trainer The first module of the course focuses on clarifying what each of Enable's applications are and how they can be used for practical purposes in a business setting. The first module also focuses on mastering basic skills required for the effective use of all five of Enable's applications. By the end of the first module students will be able to perform the following practical skills:

o Recognize the difference between a word processing document, a spreadsheet, a database, a graph, and telecommunications

o Describe situations in which each of Enable's applications can be used

o Select and deselect items from Enable's menus

o Use Enable's help facility

o Open multiple windows

o Activate an open window

o Copy text between two word processing windows

o Use the Enable file directory screen to perform file maintenance activities, such as, copying, renaming, and deleting files


In the second module of the course, students are introduced to Enable's easy to use and dependable word processing application. Many aspects of the entire Enable software package are built on the foundation of Enable's word processor. Mastering Enable's other applications is, therefore, somewhat dependent upon being able to use Enable's word processor effectively. By the end of this module some of the skills students will be able to perform include the ability to:

o Create a document

o Save a document

o Revise a document

o Print a document

o Use Enable's cursor movement keys to navigate throughout a document

o Insert and delete text

o Copy and move text


In the third module of the course students will be introduced to Enable's sophisticated database application. By the end of this module some of the skills students will be able to perform include the ability to:

o Create a database definition (quick method)

o Revise a database definition

o Add records to a database

o Edit records in a database

o Delete records from a database

o Organize records in a database by a key field

o Query a database, i.e., select specific information from a database

o Print a columnar report


The subject of the fourth module of the course is Enable's powerful spreadsheet application. Upon completion of this module, some of the skills students will be able to perform include the ability to :

o Create a spreadsheet

o Save a spreadsheet

o Print a spreadsheet

o Enter labels

o Enter formulas

o Copy and move a range of cells

o Format a range of cells


In the fifth module of the course students will gain experience in Enable's impressive graphics application. By the end of this module, some of the skills students will be able to perform include:

o Describe the types of graphs Enable can generate

o Create a simple pie chart and bar graph

o Save a graph

o Print a graph

o Integrate a graph with a word processing document


The sixth and last module of the course introduces Enable's telecommunications capabilities. At the end of this module, students will be able to:

o Describe Enable's telecommunication capabilities

o Send a file to another microcomputer

o Receive a file from another microcomputer

o Use Enable to emulate a terminal and connect to a mainframe computer


Upon completion of this Enable introductory course titled "Discovering Enable", students may choose to take one or more of the advanced Enable courses offered through the Graduate School USDA. Individuals who have already developed some level of proficiency in Enable and who have not taken the introductory Enable course may also be interested in taking one or more of the available advanced Enable courses. Call 202-829-4444 for information regarding the Advanced Enable courses listed below: Advanced Enable Word Processing (2 Days)

Mail Merging with Enable (1 Day)

Advanced Enable Database Management (3 Days)

Enable Database Application Development (5 Days)

Advanced Enable Spreadsheet (2 Days)

Advanced Enable Graphics (1 Day)

Graphing With Perspective (1Day)

Advanced Enable Telecommunications (1 Day)

Creating and Using Macros in Enable (1 Day)

Using the Enable Menu Generator (1 Day)