Crystal Reports Level 1

Table of Contents


What you will find in this course

Using the manual


What is Crystal Reports?

Preview Sample Reports

Preview Sample Databases

The Crystal Report Window

Using Crystal Reports Help

Creating Basic Reports

Creating a New Report

Inserting Database Fields

Previewing a Report

Class Exercise: Creating and Previewing a Basic Report

Selecting Multiple Objects

Moving and Resizing Objects

Class Exercise: Moving and Resizing Objects

Inserting Text Objets

Formatting Objects

Saving a Report

Saved Data vs. Refresh Data

Class Exercise: Saving a Report

Skill Builder: Creating, Formatting and Saving a Report

Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing

Sorting Records

Inserting Groups

Inserting the Group Name Field

Class Exercise: Inserting a Group

Changing Group Options

Class Exercise: Changing Group Options

Creating Specified Groups

Class Exercise: Creating a Specified Group

Inserting Subtotals

Inserting Grand Totals

Class Exercise: Inserting Subtotals and Grand Totals

Inserting Summary Fields

Class Exercise: Inserting Summaries

Using Top N/Sort Group Expert

Class Exercise: Using Top N/Sort Group Expert

Skill Builder: Sorting, Grouping and Summarizing

Record Selection

Selecting Records

Class Exercise: Selecting Records

Multiple Selection Criteria

Class Exercise: Multiple Selection Criteria

Editing the Record Select Formula

Class Exercise: Creating and Editing the Selection Formula

Creating Formulas

Why Use Formulas

Formula Components

Using the Formula Editor

Class Exercise: Creating a basic Formula Editor

Editing a Formula

Renaming a Formula

Deleting a Formula

Class Exercise: Editing, Renaming and Deleting a Formula

String Function

Class Exercise: String Function

Date Functions

Class Exercise: Creating Formulas Using Date Functions

Class Exercise: Creating Formulas Using Summary Fields

If-The-Else Formulas

Class Exercise: Creating If-The-Else Formulas

Skill Builder: Creating Formulas


What is Linking?

Join Types

Self Joins

PC Database Links

SQL/ODBC Database Links

Using the Visual Linking Expert

Skill Builder: Linking Multiple Tables

Using the Report Expert

Creating a Report Using the Report Expert

Edit Report Using the Report Expert

Class Exercise: Using the Create Report Expert

Skill Builder: Using the Create Report Expert

Section Formatting

Report Section Definitions

Using the Section Expert

Selection Format Options

Class Exercise: Using the Section Expert

Summary/Drill Down Reports

Class Exercise: Creating a Summary/Drill Down Report

Skill Builder: Using the Section Expert

Basic Cross-Tabs

What is the Cross-Tab?

Using the Cross-Tab Expert

Class Exercise: Creating a Basic Cross-Tab

Editing a Cross-Tab Layout

Class Exercise: Editing a Cross-Tab

Skill Builder: Creating a Cross-Tab Report

Report Distribution

Exporting a Report to Another Format

Mailing a Report

Compiling a Report

Class Exercise: Compiling a Report

Additional Formatting & File Options

Inserting Special Fields

Inserting Fields in Text Objects

Moving and Copying Objects

Inserting Lines and Boxes

Inserting Pictures

Changing File Options

Skill Builder: Additional Formatting

Appendix A Skill Builder Reports