Corporate Extensions is not merely an incorporation service; far from it! We offer many continuing free services and are able to assist your company efficiently and inexpensively in several areas.

-------------------------REGISTERED AGENT SERVICE-------------------------

The first year of Registered Agent representation is only $50! For each following year, we will represent your business in any state for only $100, a fee which will remain fixed throughout the life of your corporation. Your company will be assigned a personal Corporate Specialist to provide ongoing support for your business and discuss any issues that may be of concern to you.


We will prepare and file all of the necessary documents to qualify your corporation or LLC to conduct business in any state. Corporate Extensions charges a $99 fee for this service, unless you have chosen us as your incorporator, in which case this service is provided for only $49.50. Please speak to one of our Corporate Specialists to discuss the fees required by each state for this application.

----------------------------FEDERAL TAX ID NUMBER-----------------------------

For only $25, Corporate Extensions can save you the tedium and paperwork of dealing with the IRS to obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN). Our FAQ page discusses why most corporations require an EIN.

---------------------------SUBCHAPTER S ELECTION-----------------------------

Corporate Extensions will help you complete your application for S status and file it with the IRS on your behalf for a fee of $25. Remember, in order to obtain S status, you must apply to the IRS within 75 days of forming your corporation.

--------------CANADIAN AND OFFSHORE CORPORATIONS---------------

Through our affiliates abroad, Corporate Extensions can form corporations or LLCs for you in jurisdictions around the globe. Please call us for information and fees regarding this service.


Our headquarters in Washington, DC is available as your business mailing address should that suit your needs and for a low monthly fee, we will receive and forward all mail, packages and publications to anywhere in the world through basic postal service, UPS or Federal Express.

---------------------DOCUMENT FILING AND RETRIEVAL---------------------

Corporate Extensions will file or retrieve documents at many of the agencies in the District of Columbia. These include SEC filings, certified copies of corporate documents, etc. Please call for information on available filings.

-------------------------------CORPORATE REPORTS------------------------------

Corporate Extensions can obtain and provide the name of the Registered Agent and the address, date of incorporation and qualification, as well as any other public documents or information concerning any corporation. In some cases this information can be provided within 24 hours.

--------------FREE CONTINUING SERVICES------------------

The following services are offered on a continuing basis and at no cost to your corporation when you choose Corporate Extensions as your incorporator. All can be very valuable in ensuring the success of your business:

---------------------------------CI NEWSLETTER------------------------------------

Four times a year, Corporate Inc publishes a newsletter designed to keep you informed about the changing statutory environment across the country and internationally. Articles by experts in corporate law and small business provide valuable information to any newly incorporated company. Industry trends and small businesses are the focus of the newsletter. As a client, you receive this newsletter FREE for the life of your corporation or LLC.

-----------------CI PROFESSIONAL REFERRAL SERVICE-----------------

When you incorporate with us, you gain access to our Professional Referral Service to help you with any legal our accounting difficulties. We will refer you to a reputable and affordable lawyer or accountant in you area who can help you with any questions you may have in these areas. The service also provides you with mailings from the professional community in your region.

-----------------------CI WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS-----------------------

Throughout the year, Corporate Extensions sponsors various events for the small business community. You are welcome to join us for seminars and workshops on corporate law, small business finance and accounting, entrepreneurship, management and more. These events are a golden opportunity to learn from experts in various fields and to network with other business owners. As a new client, your attendance at these functions is FREE for one year following your incorporation. Substantial discounts and priority acceptance for events are available to you after the first year.

------------------DIRECTORY OF GOODS AND SERVICES-------------------

Corporate Extensions publishes a directory of companies that offer goods and services to the small business community. As a new client, you receive this directory and are given a listing in the directory for FREE. Your company will gain exposure to thousands of potential customers across the nation and you will have at your fingertips a comprehensive listing of suppliers.

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