Teaching at the Graduate School since 1986
At the U.S. Government's and Military's Primary Trainer

Rick Shaddock has taught over 800 class days in over 20 software applications for the Graduate School Daytime, Evening, and International Programs since June 1986. 

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During the 1990's, the computer training activities of the U.S. Government's similar centers at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), General Services Administration (GSA), and Department of Education (DOE) were consolidated with the USDA Graduate School, which had the best facility, staff, and curriculum. 

In 2011, the Graduate School became a separate, non-profit educational institution, and no longer part of the US Department of Agriculture.

For information about the Graduate School or to register for a course, please go to their web site, www.GraduateSchool.edu    You can call them at 202-314-3600.

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The Government's Trainer
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600 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington, DC
near the US Capitol
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Graduate School USDA entrance
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600 Maryland Avenue SW, Washington DC
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Training Director

Hallway at Graduate School Training Center

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)
Instructor: Rick Shaddock   Room 28

Locations the USDA Graduate School has sent Rick to
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Rick had taught for the USDA Graduate School at locations including

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Washington, DC classrooms at 600 Maryland Avenue, 1987-

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U.S. Navy, Bremerton, WA, 1999-

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Federal Trade Commission, Washington DC  2001-

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Office of Personnel Management, New York NY   9/1995

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Internal Revenue Service, Chicago IL  9/1991    Detroit MI  2/1993

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Tennessee Valley Authority, Knoxville, TN  7/1990

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Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD   1988-1992

Rick has taught the following courses for the Graduate School
Daytime, Evening, and International Programs




fox.jpg (1122 bytes) FoxPro,   access.jpg (1135 bytes) Access,  approach.jpg (1283 bytes)Approach,  dbase.jpg (1184 bytes)dBase, wpe9.jpg (1289 bytes) Oracle,
SQL.jpg (1264 bytes)Structured Query Language (SQL),   odbc.jpg (1207 bytes)Open Database Connectivity

Spreadsheets excel.jpg (1173 bytes) Excel,  1-2-3.jpg (1177 bytes) Lotus,   quattro.jpg (1163 bytes)Quattro
Operating Systems and Networking windows.jpg (995 bytes) Windows,  CompTIA Certificationwpe6.jpg (1197 bytes) Apple Macintosh,  novellogin.jpg (1353 bytes)Novell Netware, 
network.jpg (1158 bytes)Network Administration
Word Processors

word.jpg (1167 bytes) Word,  wordperfect.jpg (1159 bytes) WordPerfect

Graphics and Desktop Publishing

crystalr.jpg (850 bytes) Crystal Reports,  quark.gif (1101 bytes) Quark,   pagemaker.gif (1488 bytes)PageMaker

Internet iexplorer.jpg (1255 bytes)World Wide Web,   asp.jpg (1274 bytes) Active Server Pages (ASP),  frontpage.jpg (1177 bytes)FrontPage,  Visual Basic  Java
Email outlook.jpg (1020 bytes) Outlook,  telephony.jpg (1078 bytes) Telecommunications

When not teaching, Rick is a Desktop Support Technician
at the A+ Certified Computer Repair Center
Computer Technologies Inc.

3300 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, Virginia

Mrs. Oksana Shaddock has taken the following courses at the USDA

Excel, Flash, Visual FoxPro, Access, Web Design, English


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Rick Shaddock
R i c k @ C i c o r p . c o m

Faculty Update

Shaddock also taught over 1000 employees at the Pentagon training center for the U.S. Air Force through Computer Instructors Corporation.

Harbour Square Owner's Cooperative
510 N Street, SW
Washington, DC  20024

Tiber Island Owners Cooperative
490 M Street, SW
Washington, DC  20024

Real Estate at the Waterfront Metro
1 Metro stop away from the USDA

For more information about the Graduate School
go to their web site at
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