Call Not Software
Satisfied Customers

CICORP - "Recommended/excellent"
George Mitchell Eaves,

"I have done some preliminary testing of the Do Not Call list processor and so far I am very impressed with it. Updating and re-indexing the DNC list is very fast (added 3 area codes, 654,962 records) and I ran a test scan against a 4600 record GoldMine data base and the processor functioned perfectly."
S.S., System Administrator,  Hearing Health Care Management

"Before buying this program I spent time searching the web for the lowest priced full feature DNC list scrubber software that offered me unlimited records. This product won hands down but what I'm most impressed with was the support after the sale. Thanks for a great value and a solid product! I would highly recommend this to anyone!"
Thanks again! - Ron Parker,

"I just wanted to thank you for helping us during a difficult time concerning the Donotcall...You can use me as a reference if ever you need to...Valerie was well pleased and also will be in charge of that department at our "
company. Thanks Again,
Mark Anderson, President, Telaweb, Inc.

"Your DNC choice is interesting and timely at the moment."
Mark S. Rietman

"I would like to give a demonstration of your product during our seminar.  I do not presently a copy on hand and would
like to know how we can obtain a version for this seminar and our future internal  use.  We are also looking for vendors to help us by sponsoring a drawing for a copy of their product. Would you be interested?"
Frank Buell, Source One Consultants

"Thanks again for all your help you have taught me a lot."
Valerie,  Telaweb, Inc.

Elisabeth del Real, Director of Business Development, SFG Corp.

"I am interested in your CallNot software... Thank you. "
Lynn Ryan, Information Technology Director, Lyon Real Estate

Tricia Ratra, Mieka Corporation

"Your program is very user friendly and effective."
Robert Stone, Esq.

"It works great"
Kasha K., TeleMarket, Inc., Bethesda, MD

"The Callnot program works wonderfully, and will save us a lot of time."
Mildred Campbell, Crystal City, VA

"John Lin, Inc21 Communications, San Francisco, CA"

"Works on Excel spreadsheets"
Keith Avery, ComCast Communications

"i have tested it and it is working as it should..."
Marc Lehwald, Maximizer Consultant, Max Strategy, Inc, CA

"Rick provided the necessary tech support both AFTER-HOURS, and very efficiently. We have called him before for help, and he has always gone above-beyond for us."
Robert E. Aragon II, Wolverine Marketing