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CBRE is one of the leading real estate service companies, with more than 300 offices in 50 countries.
State City Project Date
California Universal City One of CBRE's offices in the Los Angeles area hired C I Corporation to do a database conversion from ACT! SQL to version 6.0 2007-May
Virginia McLean McLean office hired CI Corporation for a data conversion from ACT! SQL to version 6.0 2008-Apr
Illinois Chicago Chicago CBRE regional office brought Rick of C I Corporation from Washington DC to speed up ACT! and stop it from crashing several times a day on their 8 Sales Representatives.  They had called ACT! Technical Support many times, and had hired several local ACCs in Chicago to try to fix it, to no avail.  They offered to pay Rick if he could fix it, agreeing to pay 1/2 and travel to try.  Rick fixed it within a few hours, creating a new stable database for them, using his understanding of the underlying file structure of ACT! from his data conversion work.  They sent the second half of the payment, and are happy to report that the database is fast again, with no crashes since his visit.  2008-Nov
Illinois Chicago
Upon the success of the first project, CBRE gave CICorporation another project, to restore the Record Managers from a previous database.  One of the Chicago ACT! consultants they had tried accidentally changed them all to the ACT! Administrator's name, by trying to use ACT!'s Export function to create a new stable database, thus leaving CBRE worse off.  They noticed this error only after they had worked on the database for a few days, making many updates, and too late to go back to the previous database backup.  Only Synchronization will preserve them properly.  Rick fixed their database for them, so they can now tell which Sales Rep worked on the contacts, activities, history, and notes.

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