SCI Song

Lyrics by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Music by Rick Shaddock  :)
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How to memorize the 16 Principles of SCI in 16 minutes

Helping hand gestures for memorizing
etting the body involved in the learning process

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To understand the deep meaning behind the lyrics
we highly suggest you first take the 33 lesson course,
the Science of Creative Intelligence, and its practical  experience,
the Transcendental Meditation technique, at your local TM Center.  and SCI Course

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Version 3.0 with mnemonic hand gestures, lyrics, and piano keys (a-g)

Seek the Highest first

First finger up

 c c c c C     
Order's present every where

Point like giving orders

AA+ AaA+A+A g     
Life is found in layers

Fingers like layers

A g+ A A+ A f     
Inner is the basis of the outer

Fingers in, then out

g f+ g A g f e g f c     
The nature of life is to grow

Fingers up like a flower

c d d d e e e f     
Rest and activity
are the steps of progress

Hand down to rest, then up wiggling

 d d d d ggg

f e f g f c

Do less and accomplish more

Let your hand drop

d g f e f  A c     
Every action
has a reaction

Hand bounces back up

d  d g g
f e f g f c
PurIFication LEads to proGRESS

Shake hand like saying no to something

c d d d e e e f     
The field of all

possibilities is the

source of all solutions

Maharishi often used his hands when
talking of the field of all possibilities

  c c c C

AA+ AA+ C  A+A g

A g+ A A+ A f




Thought leads into action
then achievement

aCHIEVEment leads
to fulfillMENT

Fist like Rodin's statue of
The Thinker

g f+ g g+ g f e g f c

c d d   e
e  e e f



Knowledge is gained
from outside and inside

Fist point thumb out then in

   d d d d g
e f g f c

Knowledge is structured
in consciousness

Hands make narrow then wide view

d d d g f e f  A c     
Harmony is
in diversity

Hands like playing harmonica

d d g g
f e f g f c
The   whole
is contained in every part

Hands making holes

c  c c c C
AA+ AA+ C  A+A g
The whole is
greater than the
sum of the parts

Hands gesture wholeness

g f+ g g+ g f e
c  d  d  e  e  f

Musical notation

Version 1.0 - rough
Version 2.0 - a bit goofy

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Why memorize the 16 Principles?

Richard Beall PhD the Headmaster of Maharishi School in Fairfield
listed Principles perfectly from memory as an example to the students.

Oprah Winfrey asked Dr. Beall: "What are the 16 principles?"
on her nationwide television show, seen by millions of people:

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