16 Asana Positions
for the Principles of SCI

Under construction - coming soon

1. Highest First
Reach high up to the sky
2. Order is present everywhere.
Toning up

3. Life is found in layers
Lay down, roll left and right
4. Inner is the basis of the outer
5. Nature of life is to grow 6. Rest and activity are the steps of progress
Rest, then get up
7. Do less and accomplish more
8. Every action has a reaction
9. Purification leads to progress
Put hand and around
10. Field of all possibilities is the source of all solutions 11. Thought is for action, action for achievement, achievement for fulfillment
Head over knee
12. Knowledge is gained from outside and inside
13. Knowledge is structured in consciousness
On stomach raise head both hands
14. Harmony exists in diversity 15. Whole is present in every part
Make self into a circle
16. Whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Make big circular stretch with arms