13 Colonies in the order they entered the
United States of America

Memory aid and story to help remember them

I had a delicate china ware  that I was trying to smash with a giant pen. On the giant pen teetered a Jersey cow. On the cow's back was King George, who was trying to heal  his cut. He was holding a massive block of ice. On the block of ice sat Marilyn Monroe, who had an ocean liner which was headed south. The ocean liner had a bit of a problem: there was a huge ham sticking out stuck in one of the smoke stacks.  On the ship was the Empire State Building.  On top was a North bound ocean liner. On this liner there were some Rhode Island red hens.

Order State Memory Aid
13 Rhode Island Rhode Island Red chicks
12 North Carolina North Bound Ocean Liner
11 New York Empire State Building.
10 Virginia Sheet music “Carry Me Back To Old Virginnie”
9 New Hampshire New Ham being smoked 
8 South  Carolina South Bound Ocean Liner
7 Maryland Marilyn Monroe
6 Massachusetts Mass of ice
5 Connecticut Cut on forehead
4 Georgia King George
3 New Jersey Jersey Calf 
2 Pennsylvania Silver Pen
1 Delaware Purple Delaware punch