Internet PayByCheck

Now you can write us a check ON LINE. That's right, Internet Electronic Check writing services.

The Terms, Conditions and Instructions for i-check are printed below, please take a moment and read them, especially if you have never used an electronic medium for transfer of funds before. The best security on the net is used, so your account numbers and other information are never at risk.

  1. Just click on the item listed on our Web site, and fill out the check that comes up.
  2. Or click on Custom Check and you fill out the amount yourself.
  3. All this is done through:
    i-check, a division of Interactive Technologies Inc.  i-check... The Internet Check

i-Check's are subject to the terms outlined below.

  1. To use i-Check you must have a valid checking account from a U.S., Canadian, Puerto Rican or U.S. Virgin Islands financial institution
    The account must have sufficient funds to cover this transaction.
  2. Find the next available check you have, and fill out the Payee and amount as you normally would - for your records.
    But you will be keeping this physical check.  You may write somthing like "Void" or "Already Submitted Online" across the check.
  3. On the online check, enter your name and address exactly as it appears on your printed bank check.
  4. Enter the check number from the physical check into the i-Check.
  5. Enter the amount that you wish to pay to this merchant.
  6. Again, using the information from your physical check enter the bank name, city and state.
  7. Enter the numbers from the bottom of your check, from left to right.
    Do not enter the bank's symbols. Just the numbers.
    The first set of 9 numbers is the bank routing number it is always 9 digits.
    The second set of numbers is your checking account number.
  8. Now, to authorize the i-Check, enter your e-mail address.
  9. Click on the "Pay Now" button to send your payment.
  10. Enter this check information into your check register.

Attention i-Check Users

This merchant accepts the convenience of i-Check payments under these conditions:
There will be a $25 fee or the maximum amount permitted by law for returned checks.
The Check writer is also responsible for all other costs of collection.
Your usage of  i-Check for payment is your acceptance of this agreement and its terms.

Benefits to the Customer

  • SPEED - FASTER RECEIPT- The customer can receive the merchandise or service more quickly, as there is less time needed for the check to be mailed and clear the bank
  • SAVES TIME - The customer saves time by not having to create an envelope, stamp it, and run it to the mail box.
  • SAVES MONEY - The customer saves the cost of postage and other mailing costs
  • MORE PRIVACY - The customer is better protected.  The customer's bank information is not sent to the merchant.
    With a physical check, the merchant sees the Bank Routing and Account Numbers
  • SECURITY - An iCheck is much more secure than a credit card.   An iCheck can only be made once, for the amount the customer enters.  If the customer pays by credit card, potentially the merchant (or an unauthorized party) could make additional charges with that number and expiration date. iCheck also records the email verification and IP address of the sender, providing additional information credit card payments do not offer.
  • CONFIRMATION - The customer receives an email confirmation of the charge, and is kept fully informed.  With a standard check, or credit card, no such email notification is given.


Benefits to the Merchant

  • PayByCheck offers the best alternative to a credit card for Internet transactions.

    Why Accept Checks?
    81% of all consumer bills are paid by check.
    86% of all Business to Business payments are by check.
    88% of the US population has a checking account
    Consumers prefer checks 4 to 1 over debit.

  • Lower transaction costs then credit cards.
    Credit card companies take from 2% to 6% off the top.
    PayByCheck only costs about $1.50, regardless of the check amount.

  • No charge back issues.

  • You do not need any special hardware or software since all processing is handled by PayByCheck. Your customers only need a web browser and a checking account. You can also enter the information for your customer in cases of phone or FAX orders.

  • Studies have shown that most on-line customers are not comfortable using their credit cards to make purchases. PayByCheck gives your customer the control to authorize one transaction at a time.

  • Customers now have a convenient, familiar, and comfortable interface with which to do their online business.

  • Many of our users have found a 25% to 30% increase in their online sales after adding PayByCheck to their payment methods.

  • With PayByCheck, your cash flow will be greatly enhanced because sales can be closed instantly - the moment your customer decides to purchase goods or remit payment for services.