Prometric Testing Center

1660 L Street, NW, Suite 204
Washington, DC 20036  (Google Street View)
One block east from the Farragut North Metro

Find the closest Prometric Testing Center to you.

Go with 2 photo id's, and voucher if any

Front desk in the lobby

Go to the 2nd floor

On the hall

Room 204

Checking the 2 forms of photo identification

Testing rooms

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Other Testing Centers

Prometric Exam Centers in Washington DC

Phone: 202-955-5547 Site Code: DC000

Phone: 202-887-0510 Site Code: DC2
STE 100

Phone: 7035321000 Site Code: VA98
Connecticut Avenue 818
Fourth Floor
Washington DC


Example: There are 8 Available Test Sites in Iowa

Drake Hardware and Software
211 N. 5th street, Suite 100
Burlington, IOWA 52601
Phone: 319-752-1155
Site Code: IA65
Miles: 52
Time: 1:20

New Horizons
1850 Boyson Road
Cedar Rapids Hiawath, IOWA 52233
Phone: 319 2949035
Site Code: IA6
Miles: 89
Time: 1:57

New Horizons
2206 E 52nd Street
Davenport, IOWA 52807
Phone: 563-441-1515
Site Code: IA16
Miles: 122
Time: 2:29

Spindustry Training
1370 NW 114th St, Ste 103
Des Moines - Clive, IOWA 50325
Phone: 5153349556
Site Code: IA59
Miles: 125
Time: 2:42

New Horizons
6200 Aurora Avenue, Suite 207 E
Des Moines - Urbanda, IOWA 50322
Phone: 515-226-3265
Site Code: IA13
Miles: 126
Time: 2:45

TC Networks
862 White St
Dubuque, IOWA 52001
Phone: 877-897-6626
Site Code: IA60
Miles: 158
Time: 3:12

North Iowa Area Community College
500 College Dr.
Mason City, IOWA 50401
Phone: 641-422-4415
Site Code: IA42
Miles: 218
Time: 4:14

Western Iowa Technical Community College
4647 Stone Avenue
Testing Center
Sioux City, IOWA 51102
Phone: 712 274 6443
Site Code: IA61
Miles: 311
Time: 5:40



Dear Frederick Shaddock,
Thank you for updating your Prometric Internet profile. To ensure proper delivery of your exam and all certification materials, Prometric must have accurate and current information. Your requested changes have been made and confirmed.

You have real-time access to schedule, reschedule, cancel, and confirm an exam. You can also view your Prometric exam history, print door-to-door driving directions to testing centers in North America, link to vendor-specific IT program information, and much, much more via!

Included within this e-mail is your current Prometric candidate profile, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. For additional assistance, you may visit our website at


How will I obtain a refund?
How do I schedule an exam?
What do I need to bring (and not bring) to my exam?
What time do I need to arrive for my exam?
What if I need to cancel or reschedule my exam?
How can I view or print my appointment confirmation?
What if I forget my Prometric Internet password?
How do I update my candidate profile?
How can I contact Prometric with specific questions?
Candidate Profile

Candidate's Name: Rick Shaddock
510 N Street SW
Washington, DC  20024, United States
Company: C I Corporation
Home Phone: 1 - 202 - 829-4444
Work Phone: 1 - 202 - 365-6100
Email Address:
Please note: For security reasons, we have not included updates to your Prometric ID or password specific changes, if applicable.


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How do I schedule an exam?

You can schedule your exam online by visiting, and clicking on the link 'Schedule a Test'. Once you have entered your desired area of study and region preference, you will be directed to pages asking for the specific test you would like to take. You will then be prompted to choose a test center where you can take the test. Once the test center has been selected, you must login to pay for your exam and finish processing your appointment. Please be sure to have your Prometric Internet ID and password available as you start scheduling your exam.

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What do I need to bring (and not bring) to my exam?

You will need to bring two (2) forms of identification to the testing site. One must be a current, government-issued photo ID, such as a valid passport or driver's license, with a photo that looks like you. Be sure the names on your ID are displayed the same way it is displayed on your exam record, and that both ID's have a current signature that look like yours. Examples of other pieces of ID are credit cards and check cashing cards.

Please note:

  • The test will not be delivered without the appropriate form of identification. Prometric Test Center Administrators have the right to refuse seating you for the exam if they are unable to properly identify you.


What not to bring:

  • Do not bring notes, pens, pencils, paper, large purses, or backpacks to the test center. Supplies needed for taking the exam will be provided by the test center.
  • No cell phones or pagers are allowed in the test room. There are small lockers (12" H x 12" W x 12-18" D) available for candidates to store keys and small purses during the exam.
  • There is no secure storage available for large books, bags, or large coats. Prometric cannot accept responsibility for loss or theft of items left in common use areas such as the waiting rooms.


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When do I need to arrive for my exam?


  • You should arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes before the test is scheduled to begin. Tests are given by appointment. On days with no appointments scheduled a center may not be opened. If you have an appointment you can expect the center to open at least 30 minutes before your appointment.
  • It takes about 3 - 5 minutes per candidate to complete the sign-in process. If you are the 10th person to arrive, it will take us about 30 minutes to start signing you in. If there are questions about your ID, your registration, any of the pretest qualifications, or if you are late, you will be asked to wait until other candidates are signed in. Don't worry! Each test is individually timed; your test will not start until you are signed in and seated.
  • Once you have notified the center staff that you are here and ready to test, you can relax and watch the process. We do this all the time, and look forward to our time with you once your turn comes.
  • Please note that the exam duration may include an exam tutorial and client survey.


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How can I view or print my appointment confirmation?

If you would like to review the status of your appointment, please visit and follow the on-screen instructions.

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What if I forget my Prometric Internet password?

If you forget your Prometric Internet password, click on the following link:

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How do I update my candidate profile?

Please take a moment and confirm that your personal information listed above is accurate. To ensure proper delivery of your exam and all certification materials, Prometric must have accurate and current information. If any information needs to be updated, please visit, login using your e-mail address and password, then choose "Update Profile".

Please note: This address reflects your permanent, home address. To ensure delivery of official correspondence and certification material, you may also provide name and address information in your country's official language.

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How can I contact Prometric with specific questions?

If you have any other concerns not answered in this email, please follow the appropriate links below to help solve your issues:

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