Do Not Call Lists by State

States in blue have Enacted Do-Not-Call Laws.
States in gold have Do-Not-Call Legislation Pending.

State No Call List Laws through June 1, 2003
State Effective* How to Obtain
Alabama Effective 877-727-8200 info1.htm
Alaska Effective Anchorage -- 907-564-1133 (
    SoCentral  -- 907-761-2635 (
    Other -- 907-835-2231 (
907-265-5600 dot but no lists
October 1, 2003 will use federal list and federal law
Arkansas Effective
California October 1, 2003
Colorado Effective
Connecticut Effective
    DMA TPS List
Florida Effective
Georgia Effective
Idaho Effective
Illinois July 1, 2003
Indiana Effective
Kansas Effective >
Kentucky Effective
Louisiana Effective
Massachusetts Effective
Maine Effective DMA TPS List
Michigan August 1, 2003 rules to be promulgated
Minnesota Effective
Mississippi Regs 7/03  
Missouri Effective
Montana January 1, 2004  
New Jersey no later than 6/04 rules to be promulgated
New Mexico Regs 1/04  
New York Effective
North Dakota Regs 8/03  
Oklahoma Effective!OpenPage
Oregon Effective
Pennsylvania Effective DMA TPS List
South Dakota Regs 6/10/03  
Tennessee Effective
Texas Effective
Utah Regs 5/5/03  
Vermont Effective DMA TPS List
Wisconsin Effective
Wyoming Effective DMA TPS List
* After this date a marketer may not make calls to the no-call list


Do Not Call DNC Compliance Legislation by State
Alabama DNC 877.727.8200
Alaska DNC 907.564.1133
Arkansas DNC 501.682.7383
California DNC
Colorado DNC 1.888.249.9097
Connecticut DNC
Florida DNC 850.410.3687
Georgia DNC 1.877.426.6225
Idaho DNC 208.334.2424
Indiana DNC 888-834-9969
Kentucky DNC 502.696.5398
Louisiana DNC 225-342-4404
Maine DNC 212-768-7277
Missouri 573.751.3321
New York DNC 866.887.5478
Oklahoma DNC
Oregon DNC 1.877.700.6622
Tennessee DNC 615-741-3939
Texas DNC 866-896-6225
Wisconsin DNC
Wyoming DNC 307-777-7841