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  1. FTC - The Do Not Call Registry  Top Pick
    Official Federal Trade Commission's National Do Not Call Registry allows registered consumers to block telemarketing calls from reaching them.
  2. Latest News: do not call
    Latest News: do not call  
      Do-not-call list up and running   (MSNBC - Oct. 08)
      After Delays, U.S. Prepares to Enforce Do-Not-Call List   (New York Times - Oct. 11)
      Do-Not-Call-List Accepting Numbers Again   ( - Oct. 09)


  3. Fight Back Against Telemarketers
    MoneyCentral provides information on the new National 'Do Not Call' Registry and how to sign up.


  4. Do Not Call List Blocked Again
    Courts block national Do Not Call list.


  5. Federal Trade Commission - Do Not Call
    Consult this January, 2002, news release about the FTC announcing a proposal to create a centralized national "Do Not Call" registry.

  6. Federal Trade Commission - Amendments to Telemarketing Sales Rule
    Learn about December 2002 amendments to the Telemarketing Sales Rule, or TSR, which includes a national "do not call" list as well as billing protections.

  7. Anti-Telemarketer Source
    Full of interesting information and links to help consumers avoid telemarketing calls.

  8. Colorado Telemarketing No-Call List
    Learn about how to take part in this list that prevents telemarketers from contacting consumers in Colorado who don't want to be contacted.

  9. Texas No Call Lists
    Sign up for the statewide and electric no call list. Review the exceptions to the rules for telemarketers.

  10. Connecticut Telemarketing No Call List
    Look through this Department of Consumer Protection guide to joining a no call list in Connecticut. Includes FAQ for both consumers and telemarketers.

  11. Kentucky Telemarketing No-Call List
    Get information on how to join this list of consumers that telemarketers can't contact. Includes a list of telemarketing calls that are covered.

  12. Missouri No Call Law
    Learn about this state's telemarketing no-call law, including the opportunity to join the no-call list and a timeline of legal action taken since the law was enacted.

  13. New York Do Not Call Laws and Rules
    Learn about this state's rules and policies regarding telemarketers and how consumers can join a no-call list.

  14. Tennessee Do Not Call Program
    Check in with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority to find out the state's policy on joining this list that stops telemarketers from contacting consumers that join.

  15. Indiana Telephone Privacy
    Indiana's Attorney General's office discusses how Indiana residents can take part of the no-call list to avoid calls from telemarketers.