Match your Do Not Call lists with your ACT! database

$10,000 Fines for dialing the phone

Do you buy marketing lists and then make calls to those contacts? Did you realize that over half of the states in the U.S. maintain "Do Not Call" lists and have laws and penalties associated with calling numbers on those lists? Did you realize that the fines range from $500 to $10,000 per infraction?

Take Indiana, for example. The fine for calling someone on Indiana's Do Not Call list is $10,000 for the first infraction and $15,000 thereafter. There are 1,188,948 people on the state's Do Not Call list.

If you do any telemarketing, it is your responsibility to go to the state and buy the Do Not Call list from them. But what do you do after you buy that list? How do you compare over a million phone numbers to your ACT! database?

Our Do Not Call utility will read that list and compare it to your ACT! database and then create a lookup of the contacts you had better not call.

Direct Marketing Resources

The Direct Marketing Organization maintains a page of do not call lists in individual states.

Intro Video

Take five minutes to see the add-on in action... right on your PC without installing anything (except a recent Windows Media player).


Email and Fax Too

Do Not Call can also be used to match contacts against list of FAX numbers of email addresses as well.

Do Not Call Lists

Do not call lists are maintained by each state that has do not call laws. The Direct Marketing Association maintains a list of each state.